Best Films of the 2010s Decade The Best Films of the 2010s Decade:

In this 10-page featured article, Filmsite has assembled a wide ranging and diverse collection of films that are the defining movies of the 2010s decade. Each film selected is thoroughly described (with spoilers). The films include blockbusters, superhero films, independent films, arthouse films, and movies from every genre type (westerns, crime, comedy, romance, action, adventure, fantasy, wartime, animated, sports, and drama).

For example, some of the greatest film franchises ended or completed their series in the 2010s, including the Shrek films, the Harry Potter series, the Iron Man films, the Despicable Me films, the Toy Story trilogy, How to Train Your Dragon, the Hobbit trilogy, the Twilight Saga, a relaunched trilogy of Star Trek films, another Jurassic Park installment, director Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, a rebooted Mad Max, The Hunger Games, two more Bond films, a second Blade Runner film, and much more. Marvel's string of Cinematic Universe films, although beginning in 2008, took off in the 2010s. There were even some quirky and unusual Best Picture winners in the 2010 decade, such as Birdman, Moonlight, The Artist, The Shape of Water, and Parasite. Many films in the 2010 decade were among the highest-grossing films of all time.

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