Greatest Film Scenes

and Moments

Greatest Film Scenes and Moments

Filmsite has compiled its own extensive collections of 'greatest scenes' material of the most famous, distinguished, unforgettable or memorable images, scenes, sequences or performances, many from the greatest films of all time.

This is an enormous collection of descriptions (with dialogue and selected screenshots) of the greatest film scenes and moments of all-time. It is not limited to 25, 50, or 100 selections, but hundreds. Included are memorable lines of dialogue (and famous quotes), fantastic visual effects sequences, scariest moments, best action scenes, ground-breaking moments, unusual entrances, intriguing and classic characters, fantastic performances, incredible moments of directorial flair, surprising revelations, unusually inventive images, great death sequences, examples of great script-writing, excerpts from controversial films, magical dance movements or musical songs, striking opening and closing scenes, and so much more.

(alphabetical by film title, illustrated)
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Greatest Film Moments and Scenes
Hundreds and hundreds of great scenes described with images

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Other Greatest Film Scenes Compilations
Over the years, popular magazines and newspapers
have also compiled their own selections of greatest movie moments.

[Note: All of the selections in these listings
are included in Filmsite's selections and listings.]

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Roger Ebert in 1995
100 Years at the Movies

Dozens of clips of scenes
(identified) by Chuck Workman in 1994
Guardian Unlimited's 100 Film Moments
February 6, 2000 Edition
The Observer

100 Most Memorable Moments in Film History
EW's 100 Greatest Moments in Movies September 24, 1999 Issue

Entertainment Weekly

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Premiere Magazine's 100 Greatest Movie Moments
March, 2003 Issue

Premiere Magazine

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TV Guide's 50 Greatest Movie Moments
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TV Guide Magazine

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