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Academy Awards (Oscars) - Best Picture Milestones:

The Best Picture Oscar (Academy Award) has always been considered the most important and top prize, and has been awarded by AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences) ever since the very first ceremony in 1929. The category was not known as "Best Picture" until 1962. It was given other titles before then, including:

  • Outstanding Picture (1927/28 to 1928/29)
  • Outstanding Production (1929/30 to 1940)
  • Outstanding Motion Picture (1941 to 1943)
  • Best Motion Picture (1944 to 1961)
  • Best Picture (1962 to present)

The word 'Milestones' refers to Best Picture Oscar-winners (and some nominees for the category) that were:

  • 'film firsts'
  • superlatives (the best, the most, the highest, etc.)
  • record-holders
  • those that have exceptional significance, qualities or achievements

These listings, organized by decade, will include all of the exceptional instances of Best Picture winners (and sometimes other nominees) for each year since the inception of the Academy Awards. Each Best Picture winner's 'Title' screen and movie poster are also included, along with many other interesting facts and trivia.

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