Greatest Film Scenes


Greatest Film Scenes

Greatest Scenes - Compilations

Filmsite has created many compilations or extensive collections of 'greatest scenes' material of the most famous, distinguished, unforgettable or memorable images, scenes, sequences or performances, many from the greatest films of all time. See all the various compilations available for viewing.

Greatest Scenes: Collections

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Greatest Movie Entrances of All-Time (illustrated)
Funniest Movie Moments and Scenes (illustrated)
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Sexiest-Erotic Films of All-Time (illustrated)
Best and Most Memorable Film Kisses of All Time in Cinematic History (illustrated)
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Greatest Tearjerker Films, Moments and Scenes (illustrated)
Greatest Film Scenes

What's a Great Film Scene?

In the history of cinema, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of fabled Greatest and Memorable Moments and Scenes from a wide range of films (composed of either a few seconds long, a short sequence, or a long extended scene). They are our memories of segments of films that have achieved a life of their own. They compel us to remember and 'relive' the moment, either with fondness or with fear.

This section provides the answer: What makes a great scene? What are the key ingredients to a defining or 'great film scene' - with examples and links to further examples.

Film Scenes

Film Scenes Mini-Quiz

This section provides a few fairly obvious screenshots from some memorable film scenes. How many of the illustrated scenes provided do you recognize?

Greatest Film Scenes

100's of the Greatest Film Scenes

Here is an enormous collection of descriptions (with dialogue and selected screenshots) of the greatest film scenes and moments of hundreds of films. Included are memorable lines of dialogue (and famous quotes), fantastic visual effects sequences, scariest moments, best action scenes, ground-breaking moments, unusual entrances, intriguing and classic characters, unexpected cameos, fantastic performances, incredible moments of directorial flair, surprising revelations, unusually inventive images or camera angles, great death sequences, examples of great script-writing, amazing jump-cuts, excerpts from controversial films, magical dance movements or musical songs, striking opening and closing scenes, and so much more.

Hundreds and hundreds of great film scenes are described with images
(alphabetical by film title, illustrated)

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100 Greatest Film Scenes

100 Greatest Film Scenes

A collection of the 100 most famous, unforgettable or memorable images, scenes, sequences or performances in films of the 20th century.

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1950s (1)
| 1950s (2) | 1960s | 1970-90s

100 Most Iconic Movie Images

100 Most Iconic Film Images of All-Time

Filmsite's Own Picks of the 100 Most Iconic Shots (plus 50 Honorable Mentions). These are 100 of the most iconic or defining moments, scenes, or images. They are the most memorable, defining film moments and some of the all-time best scenes or images in motion pictures history.

100 Greatest Movie Moments (Ebert)

100 Great Movie Moments (Ebert)

To honor the centennial of cinema, film critic Roger Ebert posted a list of his "100 Great Movie Moments" on his website, dated April 23, 1995. notified Ebert of some corrections to the list, reposted the corrected list (in four parts) and also added illustrations for each of the "movie moments."

50 Greatest Movie Moments (TV Guide)

50 Greatest Movie Moments (TV Guide)

A 2001 issue of TV Guide Magazine offered their list of cinematic greatness - the 50 greatest movie moments "that make you drop the remote." "De Niro's menace. Hitchcock's malice. Meg's rapture. Maybe a line of dialogue you love or an image you can't shake...The scenes might run just a few seconds or stretch well beyond...Some are from the classiest of classics, some are from popcorn movies." In four parts (illustrated).

Sex in Cinema

Sex in Cinema: Scenes

This compilation includes some of the most significant, memorable, and influential films (and sequences) in the display of sex and eroticism on the screen throughout cinematic history. The influential film milestones and their memorable sexual/erotic scenes are thoroughly described. Including portrayals of sex and/or nudity, these films were often considered quite erotic, groundbreaking, unique and/or controversial at the time and remain so today.