AFI's 100 Years...100 Thrills
America's 100 Greatest Thrillers

by American Film Institute (AFI)

The American Film Institute in Los Angeles, California in mid-June 2001 made a definitive selection of the 100 greatest American "heart-pounding" and "adrenaline-inducing" films of all time, as determined by more than 1,800 actors, directors, screenwriters, historians, studio executives, critics, and others from the American film community. There were originally 400 nominated films from which the top 100 were selected.

AFI’s 100 Years…100 Thrills revealed America’s 100 greatest thrillers, as chosen by leaders of the entertainment community, in a three-hour television event, that aired on the CBS Television Network in June 2001.

Most of the memorable moments and scenes mentioned in these thrilling films have already been catalogued on this site, at Greatest Moments and Scenes. See also this site's description of the Thriller/Suspense Films Genre and various notable examples of the Greatest Thriller/Suspense Films.

Judging Criteria for Selection of Nominated Films included:

  • U.S. made
  • Feature-length fiction films
  • Films whose thrills have "enlivened and enriched America's film heritage"
  • Jurors were asked to also consider "the total adrenaline-inducing impact of a film's artistry and craft," regardless of the genre

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