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Baby Doll (1956)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Baby Doll (1956)

In director Elia Kazan's scandalous, pot-boiling, condemned and censored film (for its time) by the Legion of Decency:

  • the first sensational image of white-trash, 19 year-old 'baby doll' child bride "Baby Doll" Meighan (Oscar-nominated Carroll Baker) sucking her thumb in a childlike crib while being spied upon through a hole in the adjoining wall by sexually-frustrated husband Archie (Karl Malden)
  • vengeful Sicilian Silva Vacarro's (Eli Wallach in his screen debut) numerous seduction scenes of Baby Doll - in the back seat of a rusty, wheel-less Pierce-Arrow, in a double-seated swing in the yard, in an adjoining room where he kissed her under a switched-off bare bulb as Archie spoke on the phone nearby, and at the stark dinner table when they shared hunks of bread dipped in raw greens
  • Baby Doll's trip to town with Archie and her demands for an ice cream cone
  • in the child's nursery - the memorably lewd sight of Vacarro mounting and sitting astride a small wooden hobby horse - rhythmically rocking back and forth on the tiny toy whose head was hardly visible between his legs - he playfully gyrated back and forth to the raunchy accompaniment of the rock song "Shame on You"
  • Vacarro's attempt in the attic to get Baby Doll to sign papers against her husband regarding arson

Baby Doll on Crib

Sucking Thumb

Vacarro's Seduction of Baby Doll

Vacarro on Hobby Horse


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