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The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947)

In director Irving Weis' romantic comedy and farce, noted for its Oscar win for Best Original Screenplay (Sidney Sheldon), about three main characters: a bachelor-playboy artist, an impressionable teenaged girl, and a female judge with all its entangling implications:

  • the opening court scene in this romantic comedy in which Richard "Dickie" Nugent (Cary Grant) - a bachelor-playboy - was arrested after a brawl in a LA nightclub (instigated by two women fighting over his attentions), but then released by presiding, serious-minded, single Judge Margaret Turner (Myrna Loy)
  • afterwards, Nugent delivered a lecture to high-school students on art, and then was interviewed for the HS newspaper by infatuated teenager Susan Turner (a grown-up Shirley Temple), who happened to be the ward and younger sister of Judge Turner
Susan with Boyfriend Jerry White at School Lecture
The "Bachelor" and the Infatuated "Bobby-Soxer"
Susan Imagining 'Dickie' Nugent as Her "Knight in Shining Armor"
  • after interviewing Nugent, Susan imagined him as her 'knight in shining armor' - literally - as he walked away from her; and soon after, she confessed to her sister: "I'm in love with him - don't you realize that?"
  • another similar court case occurred (Nugent slugged Judge Turner's hopeful boyfriend ADA Tommy Chamberlain (Rudy Vallee) in the nose) and he was again called before Judge Turner, who to his utter surprise and against her "better judgment," sentenced him to date Susan; her objective was to 'cure' or end Susan's romantic interest (as the Judge stated: "Just until she gets over you" and her feelings wear out); to complicate matters, both sisters had boyfriends who were jealous of Nugent
  • the first of many instances of the repeated exchange - a hip sing-song dialogue; it was first recited between Nugent and Susan when he arrived to pick her up for the high school picnic: - "Ready poot, let's scoot." - "Greet." - "Greet." - "You remind me of a man." - "What man?" - "A man with the power." - "What power?" - "The power of hoo-do." - "Hoo-do?" - "You do." - "Do what?" - "You remind me of a man." - "What man?" - "A man with the power." - "What power?"
  • the scene at a high school picnic, where Richard was competing with other juveniles in an obstacle course race, and Susan helped to enable Dickie to win (with the assistance of her boyfriend Jerry White (Johnny Sands))
  • in the Tick Tock Club scene after Judge Turner had invited Nugent to dinner and dancing, the elegantly-dressed couple were constantly interrupted on the dance floor and at their table by various group renditions of "Happy Birthday" and "Happy Anniversary", and by a succession of individuals, including Susan and her boyfriend Jerry (who had just been drafted), the Judge's aspiring boyfriend ADA Tommy Chamberlain, and by one of Richard's former girlfriends Agnes Prescott (Veda Ann Borg)
Restaurant Dinner Scene
  • the evening soon spun out of control; exasperated, Judge Turner reprimanded 'Dickie': "I've had enough of this and I've had enough of you. Everywhere you go, you attract trouble!" and then stormed off before everybody exited; left alone at the table, the waiter came by and asked Nugent (who had been doused by an overturned glass): "Would there be anything else?" - and Nugent replied: "For instance?"; Susan was soon convinced to return to her appropriately-aged boyfriend Jerry
  • in the final scene at the airport, the reluctant Margaret and Richard were set up by court psychiatrist Matt Beemish (Ray Collins) to board the same TWA airplane - and spend vacation time together in Chicago; when they realized they would be fellow passengers at the gate, Margaret turned to him and initiated the familiar conversation beginning with: "You remind me of a man"; she ended the recitation with the question: "Give up?" - he quickly replied "Give up. Let's go" and took her arm

Judge Turner (Myrna Loy)

Richard Nugent (Cary Grant) Before Judge Turner

Judge Turner with Hopeful Boyfriend, ADA Tommy Chamberlain (Rudy Vallee)

Nugent Awkwardly Dating Susan - At a Basketball Game

Nugent and Susan Reciting: "You remind me of a man" Exchange

Dickie Winning at Rigged Obstacle Course Race

Final Scene at Airport Boarding Gate


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