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Big (1988)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Big (1988)

In director Penny Marshall's body transference fantasy about a 13 year-old boy in the body of a 30 year-old man:

  • the carnival machine scene of 13 year Josh Baskin (David Moscow) wishing to be 'big' ("I wish I were big") at a "Zoltar Speaks" wish-granting machine - and it came true the next morning
Becoming "Big" Overnight
"Zoltar Speaks" Wish-Granting Machine
The Bathroom Mirror - Unrecognizable
"Your Wish is Granted" Card
  • the next morning sequence, when Josh (now Tom Hanks as a 30 year-old) suddenly didn't recognize himself in his own bathroom mirror, and found a Zoltar Speaks card in his wallet; he fled from his house when his mother didn't recognize him, and successfully applied for a job at the MacMillan Toy Company (for his child-like intuition, he was ultimately appointed toy tester in charge of Product Development)
  • the joyous foot-tapping Heart and Soul and Chopsticks tap dances of Josh with toy company executive boss "Mac" MacMillan (Robert Loggia) on a giant, floor-sized and mounted electronic piano keyboard in the main showroom of an F.A.O. Schwartz toy store
  • Josh's reaction to the hors d'oeuvres (miniature corn cobs) at a fancy company-office cocktail party
  • Josh's confused sexual relationship with sexy yuppie toy executive Susan Lawrence (Elizabeth Perkins), a top-level co-worker, who had asked to spend the night for a 'sleep-over' in bunk beds; he agreed to share his bunk bed with her - Susan: "I want to spend the night with you." Josh: "Do you mean sleep over?" Susan: "Well... yeah!" Josh (with a guileless reply): "Well, okay... but I get to be on top!"; afterwards, Josh's jumping on a trampoline with Susan (viewed through windows from outside his apartment)
  • also the tender, simple and innocent scene in which he gently touched her breast through her bra before kissing her
  • the subdued scene of Josh walking around his neighborhood and school, and noticing younger kids, including his friend Billy Kopecki (Jared Rushton) having playful fun
  • and in the conclusion, the poignant final shot of Susan seeing Josh, after waving goodbye, transformed into a 13 year-old boy again (with clothes that now didn't fit him) - he ran toward his home, calling out: "Mom?...I missed you all so much"
Josh Waving Goodbye to Susan
When She Witnessed His Transformation
  • the short epilogue in which Josh and his friend Billy walked down the street discussing playing stick ball (to the instrumental tune of Heart and Soul)

Giant Electronic Piano Keyboard

Eating Miniature Corn Cobs

"But I get to be on top!"


Josh's Relationship with Susan

Josh Remembering and Missing His 'Childhood'


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