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Bridesmaids (2011)


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Bridesmaids (2011)

In director Paul Feig's R-rated romantic comedy about a jealousy-based competition that quickly developed between two affection-seeking females for the love, friendship and attention of an engaged bride-to-be:

  • in the opening sequence set in Milwaukee, WI, mid-30s, lovelorn, depressed and single female Annie Walker (co-scripter and actress Kristen Wiig) was having dysfunctional sex with her uncaring, self-absorbed and misogynistic sex partner Ted (Jon Hamm), who insisted on having no-strings-attached sex: ("l just don't want to make promises l can't keep") - something that Annie agreed with ("We're on the same page")
Annie Walker with Misogynistic Ted (Jon Hamm) - Wild but Dysfunctional Sex
  • over lunch the next day with her best friend Lillian Donovan (Maya Rudolph), Annie was advised to find someone better: "You're a total catch, and any guy would be psyched to be your man. You should just make room for somebody who is nice to you"
  • after the failure of her bakery store Cake Baby that she had opened during a recession, the underachieving retail store pastry chef Annie had resorted to working as a low-paid jewelry store clerk at Cholodecki's; due to her depressed state of mind, Annie was turning away customers (she inappropriately whispered to one engaged Asian couple (Tom Yi and Elaine Kao): "You cannot trust anybody, ever. Especially someone you're in a relationship with"); she was cautioned by her recovering alcoholic boss Don Cholodecki (Michael Hitchcock) for poor salesmanship: "You're selling lifelong happiness. You're not telling everyone about your problems and how your boyfriend left you, and maybe marriage will work out"
  • Annie was burdened with renting a room in a cramped apartment with two socially-clueless, British immigrant siblings - well-nourished and bald Gil (Matt Lucas) and his lazy and overweight sister Brynn (Rebel Wilson) who had just received a hideous, free abdomen tattoo of a "Mexican drinking worm" (now infected) from a streetside tattoo artist; they didn't respect Annie's privacy read her excerpts from her private diary
  • during a fancy outdoor garden engagement party at an upscale venue, maid of honor Annie (who had been chosen to plan Lillian's wedding) met for the first time with the four selected bridesmaids for Lillian's bridal party:
    • Rita (Wendi McLendon-Covey) - Lillian's blonde, older, marriage-cynical cousin who described the disgusting, semen-drenched wake created by her three adolescent boys
    • Becca (Ellie Kemper) - Lillian's idealistic and sickly-in-love, newly-wed friend and work colleague, who mentioned her recent honeymoon at Disney World with her nerdy husband Kevin (Greg Tuculescu)
    • Megan (Melissa McCarthy) - the brash, raunchy and vulgar sister of the groom who was recovering with pins in her legs after falling off a cruise ship and being saved by a telepathic dolphin: ("Took a hard, hard, violent fall. Kind of pinballed down. Hit a lot of railings, broke a lot of s--t. l'm not gonna say l survived, l'm gonna say l thrived. l met a dolphin down there. And l swear to God, that dolphin looked not at me, but into my soul. lnto my god-damn soul, Annie. And he said, 'l'm saving you, Megan.' Not with his mouth, but he said it, l'm assuming, telepathically"); after Megan mistook a tall, black man for Annie's fella (Hugh Dane), she quipped: "l'm glad he's single, because l'm gonna climb that like a tree"
    • Helen Harris III (Rose Byrne) - the seemingly-perfect, pretty and snobbishly-wealthy vain wife of Perry Harris (Andy Buckley), the boss of Lillian's fiancee - a wealthy Chicago banker named Doug/"Dougie" Price (Tim Heidecker)

Rita (Wendi McLendon-Covey)

Becca (Ellie Kemper)

Megan (Melissa McCarthy)

Helen Harris III (Rose Byrne)
The Four Bridesmaids
  • immediately, the insecure Annie took a jealous dislike to Helen, especially after Helen made a tearful, public statement before all the guests at the engagement party about her friendship with Lillian ("Lillian, you are my best friend"), and Annie unsuccessfully tried to upstage her during a duel of microphones
  • after lunch arranged by Annie for all the bridesmaids in a cheap, local and seedy Brazilian steak restaurant, she led the group to an upscale, chic wedding gown shop (Belle en Blanc) but realized she needed a reservation and was denied entry; the influential Helen who knew the store's manager Whitney (Jessica St. Clair) upstaged her and they were quickly allowed access
  • while trying on dresses to be considered for all the bridesmaids, some of the group members realized that their lunch had caused food poisoning; almost all of them (except for Helen who had ordered a salad) were suffering severe stomach ailments and uncontrollable diarrhea; two of them rushed to the bathroom, where Megan - with the toilet occupied - hopped up on the sink to expel her stomach's contents, roaring out: "Look away!...What did we eat? It's coming out of me like lava! Don't f--kin' look at me!"
  • soon after, the sickened bride Lillian - who was wearing a white sample wedding gown, also ran out into the middle of the street to find a bathroom, sank or squatted down with her white dress billowing around her, as she evacuated her bowels: "It's happening?...It happened!"; Annie reacted in shock: "You're really doing it, aren't ya? You're s--tting in the street!"
  • after the fiasco at the bridal shop, Annie suggested a bachelorette party at Lillian's parent's Lake House, but Helen co-opted the situation and proposed instead an expensive trip to Las Vegas; maid of honor Annie refused a first-class ticket offered to her by Helen and sat in the economy seats instead, as Helen explained: "She's too proud"
  • during take-off, Annie visited her friends in first class, and was vehemently told to return to her seat; the embarrassing Annie became drunk, paranoid, loud, and outrageous as a result of many factors - her fear of flying due to her nervous seatmate (Annie Mumolo) who told her: ("l had a dream last night that we went down...l heard about a woman who went to the bathroom on a plane. She got sucked into the toilet"), and her consumption of a Scotch drink and a sedative provided by Helen
  • during a second visit to her friend Lillian and Helen when she was told that coach passengers couldn't be in first-class, Annie made a Hitler-face and rebuked male flight attendant Steve (Mitch Silpa) with a German accent: "Ooh, this a very strict plane. Welcome to Germany! Aufwiedersein Asshole"; shortly later, during a third visit when Annie sat down in a first class seat, she was again ordered by Steve to return to her economy seat: ("You have 3 seconds to get back to your seat"), she quipped: "You can't get anywhere in 3 seconds....You're setting me up for a loss already"
  • as a result of Annie's disruptions, disrespect for the flight attendant, and her scary announcement over the PA system ("There is a CoIoniaI woman on the wing...She was churning butter on that wing...She is dressed in traditional Colonial garb"), US Air Marshal Jon (Ben Falcone) chased after her and detained her; coincidentally, the Air Marshal was Megan's seatmate whom she suspected all along as being an Air Marshal as she tried to seduce him; the plane made a premature landing in Casper, WY where the entire group was escorted off the plane
  • as a result, the bachelorette party was cancelled, and the group was forced to take a Chicago-bound bus back to Milwaukee; Annie's apologies to Lillian were overruled - Helen was appointed to take over all future wedding plans for both the bridal shower and the marital ceremony itself
  • later in town, Annie met up again for the third time with Irish-American Wisconsin State Patrol officer Nathan Rhodes (Chris O'Dowd) whom she had met a few days earlier when he stopped her for a suspected DUI and broken taillights, and at a 24/7 convenience store; after drinks in a bar, their brief overnight together at his place led to a misunderstanding (a "curve-ball") and a quick parting of the ways when she became annoyed that he kept pressuring her to reopen her bakery business by asking her to bake for him in his kitchen with recently-bought ingredients: (Annie: "I don't need you to fix me...l don't need any help")
  • Annie also faced two further disruptions in her life - she lost her job at the jewelry store after engaging in a vicious argument (consisting of crude back and forth personal insults) with a 13 year-old girl (Mia Rose Frampton), culminating in Annie's loud name-calling of the young customer: ("You're a little c--t!"); she was also asked to leave by her apartment mates: (Brynn: "We would like to invite you to no longer live with us"), and she was forced to move in with her mother Judy Walker (Jill Clayburgh)

Breakup with Officer Rhodes After a Sleep-Over

Annie Trading Personal Insults With Young Jewelry Store Customer

Brynn to Annie: "We would like to invite you to no longer live with us"
  • at a fancy bridal shower brunch held in the Harris Estate in Chicago, extreme micro-managing Helen (who had borrowed Annie's idea about its Parisian theme) again outperformed Annie's handmade shower gift (of her favorite things and mementos) by presenting Lillian with a pre-wedding vacation trip to Paris to attend a gown fitting with a top designer; during another angry outburst from Annie, she accused Helen of being a lesbian, and for putting on a "over-the-top" event: ("Oh how romantic! What woman gives another woman a trip to Paris? Am I right? Lesbian! We're all thinking it, aren't we?"); she also made fun of a "f--king" giant cookie on display in the garden ("Did you really think that this group of women was going to finish that cookie?"; her hateful words and destructive acts caused her to be dismissed from both the shower and the wedding by Lillian for runing all her wedding events
  • depressed at home while watching Cast Away (2000) (the scene of the loss of Tom Hanks' friend 'Wilson'), a very helpful and understanding Megan came over and listened to Annie's distressed predicament: "I can't get off the couch. I got fired from my job, I got kicked out of my apartment, I can't pay any of my bills, my car is a piece of s--t, I don't have any friends..."; Megan advised her to not feel sorry for herself: "You have got to fight back on life...l'm life and l'm going to bite you in the ass!...l'm trying to get you to fight for your s--tty life, and you won't do it!...Now, you got to stop feeling sorry for yourself...You're your problem, Annie. And you're also your solution"
  • in the film's turn-around conclusion, on the day of Lillian's wedding, Helen appeared at Annie's door requesting her help in finding Lillian who had disappeared; Helen apologized for splitting the friendship between Lillian and Annie, and admitted that she was lonely and had few friends: ("I'm basically just by myself"), and that Lillian had only requested her help because of her skill at organizing parties, and not because of friendship;
Annie's Many Attempts in Her Car to Get Officer Rhodes' Attention: ("Hey, I'm Topless!")
  • after finally getting the attention of reluctant Officer Nathan Rhodes and enlisting his help to locate her, the overwhelmed Lillian was found hiding out in her apartment; she was fearful of Helen's extravagant wedding plans and her future new life outside of Milwaukee, and also was apologetic to Annie: ("This whole wedding is f--ked up. Helen just took over everything, and everything's got out of control...l'm sorry l kicked you out of my wedding"); Lillian and Annie were reconciled, and Annie was restored as the maid of honor
  • at the fancy wedding, Helen had arranged for neon signs, fireworks and an appearance by Wilson Phillips; after the wedding, Annie was reconciled with an apologetic Helen, who had orchestrated a reunion for her with Nathan; after kissing her, he invited her to be "arrested" and ride in the backseat of his squad car with flashing lights and a siren

Bride-to-be Lillian Donovan (Maya Rudolph)

Maid of Honor Annie Walker (Kristen Wiig)

Annie's Closed-Down Bakery Shop in Milwaukee

Annie's British Flatmates: Gil and Brynn

Lillian With Her Fiancee Doug Price (
Tim Heidecker)

Annie's Acquaintance with Officer Nathan Rhodes (Chris O'Dowd)

Annie and the Bridesmaids at the Belle en Blanc Bridal Shop

Sickened Bridesmaids Rita and Megan in Bathroom

Megan to Rita: "LOOK AWAY!"

Megan With Food Poisoning Perched on a Sink in a Chic Bridal Gown Shop

Lillian Suffering Diarrhea In the Middle of the Street ("It's happening...It happened!")

Entering the Plane to Las Vegas

Annie - Drinking and Taking a Sedative on the Plane

Drunken Annie - Making a Hitler-Face toward Flight Attendant Steve on the Airplane to Vegas

Annie's Spiteful Outburst at Helen During the Bridal Shower Brunch - Accusing Her of Being a Lesbian

Annie Destroying Giant Cookie at Bridal Shower

Helen Apologizing to Annie For Splitting Up Annie From Lillian

Lillian in Ill-Fitting Designer Wedding Dress

The Fancy Wedding Ceremony

Annie Reconciled with Officer Rhodes


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