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The Broadway Melody (1929)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Broadway Melody (1929)

In director Harry Beaumont's Best Picture-winning backstage dance/musical - the first musical and sound feature to win the top award:

  • the story - the adventures of two vaudevillian sisters, the Mahoneys: the older, more energetic and smarter Harriet "Hank" (Bessie Love) (engaged to Eddie Kearns (Charles King)) and pretty blonde Queenie (Anita Page), who was younger, more naive, and soon to be seduced by the wealth of the mean and selfish playboy Mr. Jacques "Jock" Warriner (Kenneth Thompson)
  • however, Queenie ultimately fell in love with Eddie - but didn't want to hurt her older sister's feelings
Eddie and Queenie - Falling in Love (Behind Hank's Back)
  • the various musical numbers, including: "You Were Meant For Me," the title tune: "Broadway Melody," and "The Wedding of the Painted Doll"
Musical Numbers
"Broadway Melody"
"The Wedding of the Painted Doll"

Eddie with Hank and Queenie

Hank and Queenie

Eddie to Queenie "You Were Meant For Me"

Queenie with Jacques Warriner


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