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The Brood (1979)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Brood (1979, Canada)

In writer/director David Cronenberg's horror classic:

  • the therapeutic treatment termed psychoplasmics in the Somafree Institute of controversial psychotherapist Dr. Hal Raglan (Oliver Reed), and his treatment of a self-obsessed, disturbed, psychotic patient named Nola Carveth (Samantha Eggar)
  • the vengeful mutant dwarf-like children (the brood) - offspring of Nola Carveth - who would murderously attack and psychically respond to Nola's anger
  • the mutants' murder of Institute teacher Ruth Mayer (Susan Hogan) in front of her class
  • the hideous scene of Nola ripping open her own uterus (baby or egg sac) from an external psycho-plasmically induced womb (kept sitting on her lap) and then licking the bloody afterbirth off of her own monstrous, hideous demon-creature-baby
Nola Eating Her Own Creature-Baby's Afterbirth
  • Nola's ex-husband Frank's (Art Hindle) final deadly confrontation with his ex-wife Nola after she gave birth, and her strangulation by Frank
  • the broods' attack of Raglan - killing him, and of Nola's pale, terrified and catatonic five-year old daughter Candice Carveth (Cindy Hinds) as she hid in a closet - they broke through the door behind her. With the death of their psychic mother, however, the brood died off and Candice was saved
  • the last ominous image of the film - a close-up sight of a raised, red sore (or wheal) growing on Candice's arm as Frank drove away with her - she had undoubtedly inherited her mother's cursed abilities to manifest the pain inside of her

The Bloody Murder of Raglan by the Brood

The Brood's Attempt to Kill Candice in a Closet

Strangulation of Nola

Sores or Bumps (Wheals) on Candice's Arm


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