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By the Bluest of Seas (1936)


Written by Tim Dirks

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By the Bluest of Seas (1936, USSR) (aka У самого синего моря)

In director Boris Barnet's romantic comedy-drama about friendship and love (with music, singing and dancing), set on a remote fishing island off the coastal shores of Soviet Azerbaijan:

  • the opening views of the beautiful but turbulent waves, churning surf, reflected sunlight, and seascapes of the translucent Caspian Sea
  • the developing relationship (a love triangle) between two shipwrecked fisherman friends, dark-haired and clownish Yussuf (Lev Sverdlin) and light-haired handsome Aliosha (Nikolai Kruychkov), who were both infatuated, captivated, and in love with the same woman: blonde Misha/Maryia (Yelena Kuzmina), that they met in a commune (or kolkhoz) - she was the chairwoman of the co-operative titled "Lights of Communism"
  • the scene of Aliosha feigning sickness and sneaking off to present Misha with gifts, including flowers and a glass bead necklace; and the spellbinding imagery of the translucent glass beads falling (in slow-motion) to her feet as they broke off from her necklace
  • the resurrection scene - when Misha (presumed drowned in the waves when tossed overboard) returned alive from the sea (in a life preserver ring) to be rescued by Yussuf and Aliosha; upon arriving back at the commune together, mourners were holding a premature wake for her; she asked: "Who died?", and they replied: "You did"; and then the two sailors instantly began a quirky, celebratory, rejoicing dance, and she was tossed into the air; she was brought to the stage, kissed, and applauded: "To the number one female brigade boss! To you, Misha!"
The Resurrection of Misha From the Sea
  • in the conclusion, the revelation to the lovesick suitors that Misha had been faithfully awaiting the return of her fiancee all along, who was loyally serving in the military

The Caspian Sea

(l to r): Aliosha and Yussuf


Misha and Glass Bead Necklace


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