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Carrie (1976)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Carrie (1976)

In Brian De Palma's classic horror film adapted from a Stephen King novel:

  • the scene of a terrified Carrie's (Sissy Spacek) first menstruation in a high school locker-shower room
  • the scene of Carrie's religiously-fanatical mother Margaret White (Piper Laurie) warning Carrie about boys and prohibiting her from going to her prom: ("Boys. Yes, boys come next. After the blood, the boys come. Like sniffing dogs...grinning and slobbering, trying to find out where the smell comes from, where the smell is. That smell!")
  • the much-celebrated, exhilarating prom sequence in which the camera circled counterclockwise around Carrie and dream date Tommy (William Katt) as they moved in the opposite direction
  • Carrie's bloody high school prom experience as she was crowned prom queen and then cruelly doused by pig's blood in a bucket from above. In her mind, she heard tauntings: "They're gonna laugh at you," and "Plug it up!", and in her view (spinning around), she imagined the prom-goers laughing and jeering at her. Feeling humiliated, she sought psycho-kinetic, murderous revenge against the prom-goers (shown in split-screen). Seeking retribution, she caused the prom's exit doors to slam shut, and the lights to pop. An emergency fire hose snaked into mid-air and doused the party-goers, causing chaos, confusion, and bodies careening around the dance floor. Some were electrocuted (Mr. Fromm (Sydney Lassick)), crushed by falling rafters (Miss Collins (Betty Buckley)), trampled, or burned to death in the resulting fire
Carrie at the School Prom
  • outside the school gym as Carrie walked home, she overturned a car attempting to hit her, driven by mean Billy Nolan (John Travolta) and Chris Hargensen (Nancy Allen), and she caused the flipped, rolled-over car to burst into flames
  • upon her return home, Carrie's murder of her ultra-religious, psychotic mother Margaret in an ecstatic crucifixion-death scene - crucified by flying cutlery and kitchenware
  • the recurring nightmare - shock second ending in which Carrie's classmate Sue Snell (Amy Irving) went to put the flowers on the grave. Suddenly Carrie's bloody hand burst out of the ground at her from beyond the grave and grabbed her arm to pull her down into hell with her - the white-clad young girl screamed and suddenly woke up while recuperating in her bed at home, still screaming hysterically and being grabbed and held by her reassuring mother (Priscilla Pointer) ("It's all right, I'm here") as she experienced more nightmares

Menstruation in Gym Shower

Carrie with Crazed Mother

Crucified Mother

Shock-Scare Ending


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