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The Champ (1931)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Champ (1931)

In King Vidor's emotional father-son tearjerker with the two major tear-inducing scenes:

  • the jail scene in which drunken and incarcerated Andy 'Champ' Purcell (Oscar-winning Wallace Berry) reluctantly disowned his young, adoring and devoted son Dink (Jackie Cooper) to send him away to live with his mother ("I'm tired of feeding you, let her feed you for awhile. I don't like ya anymore, you're hanging around to every place that I go, and I don't like it, that's all") as the bawling boy begged: "I wanna stay with you"
  • the climactic scene after a boxing bout in which the down-and-out ex-heavyweight boxing 'Champ' won the match, but died with Dink by his side in the locker room as he implored: "Keep your chin up, don't cry, come on, give your old man a smile, keep it..."

Jail Scene

Dink by Champ's Side at Death


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