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Chicken Run (2000)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Chicken Run (2000, UK)

In Aardman Studio's claymation film:

  • the repeated attempts of fiesty heroine Ginger (voice of Julie Sawalha) to escape from the POW 'concentration camp' chicken coop (with barbed wire and a high fence) of evil, money-hungry Mrs. Tweedy (voice of Miranda Richardson)
  • dim-witted Babs' (voice of Jane Horrocks) statement: "I don't want to be a pie! I don't like gravy"
  • the entrance of swaggering, smooth-talking American rooster Rocky (voice of Mel Gibson), who falsely claimed he could fly: ("The name's Rocky. Rocky the Rhode Island Red. Rhodes for short...Catchy, ain't it?"), and his explanation of why he came to England: ("Why, all the beautiful English chicks, of course")
  • Rocky's daring rescue of Ginger from the Tweedy's Rube Goldberg-like chicken pie-making machine, when they were both in danger of becoming chicken pie ingredients: ("It's like an oven in here")
  • the crowd-pleasing climax when Mrs. Tweedy, clinging to a rope of Christmas lights attached to a chicken-shaped flying aircraft (the Old Crate), swiped her axe at Ginger -- momentarily, it seemed as if Ginger had been beheaded, but revealed she'd ducked and tricked Tweedy into severing the line, causing Mrs. Tweedy to plunge head-first into a vent of her own pie-making machine -- as her hen-pecked husband (voice of Tony Haygarth) smugly told her: "I told you they was organized!" - and the explosion of the entire machine from a build-up of pressure
Final Defeat of Mrs. Tweedy
The Severed Christmas Tree Lights Line
  • in the end credits, the chicken-and-egg debate between two black-marketer rats Nick (voice of Timothy Spall) and Fetcher (voice of Phil Daniels): (Fetcher: "If you don't have a chicken, where are you gonna get an egg?" Nick: "From the chicken that comes from the egg." Fetcher: "Yeah, but you have to have an egg to have a chicken." Nick: "Yeah, but you've got to get the chicken first to get the egg, and then you get the egg...")

Babs: "I don't want to be a pie"

Mrs. Tweedy

The Threat of a Pie Machine

Rocky with Chicks

Rocky's Rescue of Ginger in Test Run Inside of the Pie Machine

Chicken-and-Egg Debate


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