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Cinderella (1950)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Cinderella (1950)

In Disney's animated, mid-century, musical fantasy masterpiece:

  • the "once upon a time" storybook opening
  • Cinderella's (voice of Ilene Woods) nasty and ugly step-sisters Drizella (voice of Rhoda Williams) and Anastasia (voice of Lucille Bliss), who treated her like a scullery maid
  • with the help of her animal friends, including Jaq and mouse Gus (voice of Jimmy MacDonald), the creation of a pink ball gown from scraps of discarded fabric - and then after it was destroyed by her stepsisters, the fairy Godmother's (voice of Verna Felton) magical transformation of the dress into a beautiful, sparkling white ball gown ("Why, it's like a dream!")
Fairy Godmother's Transformations: Pink Ball Gown to White Ball Gown
  • other transformations by the magical wand of the fairy Godmother: the pumpkin into a carriage, the mice into horses, the dog into a footman and horse Major into a coach-man driver, accompanied by the the fairy Godmother's singing of the Oscar-nominated song, "Bibbidy-Bobbidi-Boo" (aka The Magic Song) with nonsense lyrics
  • the funny scene of the step-sisters attempting to squeeze their oversized feet into the glass slipper, and then sabotaging Cinderella's chances of trying it on (by tripping the footman and smashing the slipper), but then Cinderella outwitted them, with the help of her animal friends to free her from the locked attic by producing the second slipper (that she was wearing) that fit perfectly on her foot
  • and the "they lived happily ever after" ending - Cinderella riding off in a gold carriage with her new husband, the Prince (voice of William Phipps)

Storybook Opening

Cinderella's Cruel Step-Sisters


The Glass Slipper Fits


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