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Colorado Territory (1949)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Colorado Territory (1949)

In Raoul Walsh's and Warner Bros' noirish western-adventure (W.R. Burnett's novel High Sierra recast as a western), and a remake of Walsh's own 1941 film:

  • the train robbery sequence, orchestrated by ex-con and outlaw Wes McQueen (Joel McCrea), Reno Blake (John Archer) and Duke Harris (James Mitchell) along with Reno's part-Indian (mixed-race) El Paso dance-hall girlfriend, Colorado Carson (Virginia Mayo)
  • the growing relationship between McQueen and Colorado, who became devoted and in love with Wes, but was told when she hugged him: ("It won't work. I've got plans. There's no room in 'em for you, not for the long haul")
Heroic Last Stand
  • the exciting conclusion in which wounded, sought-after Wes McQueen made a last stand against a posse in rocky mountain outcroppings of a deserted Indian settlement or ghost town named Todos Santos, with Colorado Carson standing next to him with two guns ablazing in each hand toward the authorities; they made a heroic effort to defend themselves, but they were trapped, outnumbered and shot down - and at the moment of their fateful deaths, they poignantly clasped their hands together - finally reunited together

Train Robbery

Colorado and McQueen


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