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The Color of Money (1986)


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The Color of Money (1986)

In Martin Scorsese's sequel to the original film The Hustler (1961):

  • the older and wiser mentor "Fast Eddie" Felson's (Paul Newman in an Oscar-winning role - his first) description of the impulsive, hot-shot, obnoxious and clueless Vincent Lauria (Tom Cruise), who was a naturally talented pool player, but unable to psych out his opponents: "I said you are a natural character. You're an incredible flake. But that's a gift. Guys spend half their lives inventing that. You walk into a poolroom with that 'go, go, go...', guys will be killing each other trying to get to you. You got that. But I'll tell you something, kiddo. You couldn't find big time if you had a road map. Pool excellence is not about excellent pool. It's about becoming something....You got to be a student of human moves. See, all the greats that I know of were students of human moves"
  • Felson's words of advice to the repulsive Vincent: "Sometimes if you lose, you win," and "Money won is twice as sweet as money earned"
  • during a semi-finals match against pool shark Amos Kennedy (Forest Whitaker), the scene of Eddie noticing his reflection on the cue ball and choosing to forfeit the game
  • the well-choreographed, Atlantic City pool contest-competition with trick shots between resurrected "Fast Eddie" and Vincent - ultimately, Vincent intentionally 'threw' the game in a side bet
  • the final anti-climactic and abrupt ending scene of a one-on-one private match in the green room between the older and cagier Felson and Vincent; Eddie shot a powerful break shot while confidently retorting to Vincent: "Hey, I'm back!" - and the credits began after a freeze-frame and fade to black

Vincent (Tom Cruise) and girlfriend Carmen (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)

Eddie's Reflection in Cue Ball

"Hey, I'm back!"


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