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'Crocodile' Dundee (1986)


Written by Tim Dirks

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"Crocodile" Dundee (1986)

In the surprise sleeper hit and romantic comedy from Australia:

  • the scene in which Australian Outback ranger Michael (Mick) J. 'Crocodile' Dundee (Paul Hogan, co-nominated for Best Original Screenplay) rescued American newspaper feature reporter Sue Charlton (Hogan's real-life wife Linda Kozlowski) from a large crocodile in the wild as she was going for a swim (and a croc lunged out of the water, grabbed her necklace, and threatened to pull her in); he twisted a knife into the crocodile's head, and when she asked: "Is it dead?" he replied: "Well, if it isn't, I'm goin' to have a hell of a job skinnin' the bastard"; afterwards, he roasted it like a giant shish kabob
  • the fish-out-of-water sequences in New York City, including the memorable scene in which the leader of a street gang with a small switch-blade knife attempted to mug Dundee - the unflappable and chuckling 'Crocodile' man responded as he pulled out his large bushwhacker Bowie knife -- "THAT's a knife!", and then slashed the tough's jacket; after the gang fled, he said amiably to Sue: "Just kids having fun!"
Dundee's and Sue's Subway Platform Reconciliation
  • the final scene of Nick going on a "walkabout" after Sue foolishly became engaged to her editor Richard Mason (Mark Blum) - his journey began in a crowded subway station; Sue raced on the street after him to the subway entry two blocks away, but on the crowded platform, she could not reach him; she called out: "Mick Dundee!"; she relayed her messages to Mick - the guy in the black hat - from bystander to bystander: (Sue: "Tell him not to leave. I'm not gonna marry Richard...Tell him I love him. I love you!"), and then Mick climbed up to the girders or rafters to gain height and walked to Sue on the heads and raised hands of the onlookers: ("I'll tell her meself. I'm comin' through") - to tell her of his love and to kiss her; the crowd erupted in applause - before a freeze-frame and the ending credits

"Dundee" Saved Sue From Crocodile


"THAT's a Knife!" to Muggers


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