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Dumb & Dumber (1994)


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Dumb & Dumber (1994)

In this gross-out comedy film from Peter Farrelly about two 'dumb' cross-country adventuring friends - Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) and Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels):

  • the scene of Lloyd Christmas' run out of an airport's jetway and flip onto the tarmac
  • the scene of a motorcycle cop pulling over their customized sheep-dog Poochmobile van for speeding, and testing a beer bottle for alcohol, not knowing it was filled with Lloyd's urine, and their offer after he had a swig: "Tic Tac, sir?"
  • the next scene of the two picking up hitchhiker Joe Mentalino (Mike Starr), who was quickly driven crazy by the pair playing tag on either side of him - with inane antics: (Harry: "You're it....Anti-quitsies, you're it, quitsies, no anti-quitsies, no startsies!...Can too, double stamp it, no erasies!...No, you can't do that... you can't triple stamp a double stamp, you can't triple stamp a double stamp! Lloyd!"); and then they began a duet before picking up a family of hitchhikers
  • the Dante's Inferno restaurant scene of Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) and Lloyd trying out atomic hot peppers on a dare: ("I'll do it if you will, Lloyd") - their argument: "You go first!" "No, you go first!" - and then their reactions, including cooling their mouths with mustard and ketchup bottles
  • the diner scene of Lloyd's apology to Sea Bass (Cam Neely) - and his agreement to buy a round of Boilermakers for his table, but then telling the waitress: "Sea Bass and the fellas offered to pick up our check. They said just put it on their tab. They're very nice"; afterwards, when Harry asked where Lloyd had learned the scam, he was told he had seen it in a movie; Harry asked what happened next, and was told: "In the movie, they catch up to him a half-mile down the road and slit his throat. It was a good one!"
  • the sight of Harry Dunne and Lloyd in bright orange and powder blue tuxedos
  • idiotic Lloyd's wild chopsocky fantasy in a restaurant, defending the honor of his dream date and culminating in ripping the heart out of the chef's chest and putting it in a doggy bag
  • the imbecilic Lloyd's sentimentally-happy response after pursuing married dream girl Mary Swanson (Lauren Holly) from Providence to Aspen in the Poochmobile after she told him that their chances were "one in a million" - "So you're saying there's a chance?! Yeah!"
  • Harry's compliment to Mary about her owls: "Nice set of hooters you got there!...The owls. They're beautiful!"
  • the scene of Lloyd (and his group all wearing ugly Christmas sweaters) in front of a fireplace performing his schtick, and deciding (for laughs) to light his fart on fire
Harry's Diarrhea Toilet Sequence
  • the excruciatingly-funny yet gross scene of Harry's extreme agony on the toilet while suffering a reaction to a large dose of a laxative put in his coffee by Lloyd - and Mary's disturbing comment to him: "I hope you're not using the toilet, it's broken...the toilet doesn't flush" - and his responses: "I was just shaving" and later, "I'm just, I'm cleaning my teeth"; and when he was attempting to pour the entire contents of the heavy toilet bowl out the window, he lied again: "I'm gargling!"
  • the famous scene in which brain-dead Harry exclaimed: "Ooh, look, frost" to Mary as they rode on a ski-lift chair - and his tongue became fused to the frozen metal frame pole - and the hilarious scene as they pried him free while his tongue stretched elastically
  • the scene of the two down-and out guys walking along a deserted Colorado road and wondering: "When are we ever gonna catch a break?" - when a bus group of bikinied females on tour representing Hawaiian Tropic pulled up next to them (with a few "Hallelujahs" from The Messiah), and three gorgeous females emerged, greeted them (Swedish model (Anna Anka/Aberg) spoke in her native tongue: "Hej allihopa" (translated: Hi everyone)), and presented an offer for them to be their oil boys: "Hi, guys. We're going on a national bikini tour, and we're looking for two oil boys who can grease us up before each competition"; Harry answered for the two of them: "You are in luck! There is a town about three miles that way. I'm sure you'll find a couple guys there"; but then Lloyd realized that they had made a mistake ("Do you realize what you've done?") - they ran to catch up to the bus - and breathlessly, Lloyd told the driver that Harry had pointed in the wrong direction!: "You'll have to excuse my friend. He's a little slow. The town is back that way!"; as they waved goodbye to the bus, Lloyd imagined: "Wow, two lucky guys are gonna be driving around with those girls for the next couple months"

The Airport Flip

The Poochmobile Pulled Over

Driving a Hitchhiker Insane

In Dante's Inferno Restaurant

The Diner Scam Scene

The Chopsocky Fantasy

"So you're saying there's a chance?!"

Lighting Farts

Tongue Fusing

Hawaiian Tropic Bus


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