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Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987) (aka Evil Dead 2 or II)

In Sam Raimi's gruesomely funny horror film sequel - a well-done horror parody with an intense kinetic tone and quick edits, including incredible special effects such as stop-motion animation, reverse motion, lengthy tracking shots:

  • at the remote Tennessee cabin, the startling, hallucinatory Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-like scene when last-surviving Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) stood in front of a mirror. His reflection suddenly reached out, grabbed him, and maniacally said: "We just cut up our girlfriend with a chainsaw. Does that sound fine?" Then the reflection grabbed him by the throat and began choking him, although he was only choking himself. When his own possessed right hand threatened, it grabbed his face - and he was angered: "You dirty bastards! Give me back my hand"
Schizophrenic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Sequence
  • the continuing, gruesomely hysterical fight between Ash and his own possessed, tormenting attacking hand - that bashed him over the head with plates, grabbed his hair, smashed his face into the kitchen sink, punched him, and tried to beat him up in a schizophrenic frenzy. It dragged his unconscious body across the floor to try and grab a meat cleaver with which to kill him; Ash pinned his hand to the floor with another knife and laughed spitefully at the evil body part: "That's right. Who's laughing now? Who's laughing now?"
  • in the gory scene, he sawed off his own demonic, evil hand (before it infected his entire body) with a chainsaw, spattering his face with blood - (notice that the top-most book Ash placed on the bucket when covering up his decapitated hand was A Farewell to Arms); the lobbed-off hand began flopping around and re-attacked, and even flipped him the 'middle finger,' so he blasted it with a shotgun and thought he had killed it for good: "Got ya, didn't I, ya little sucker!" - yet it sprayed him directly in the face with a torrent of blood; many of the objects in the living room then began laughing at him - the mounted deer head, the books in the bookcase, the lamps, etc. and he hysterically joined in
  • the denouement, when Ash clamped the chainsaw to his severed wrist and twirled a sawed-off shotgun into his backside-holster (and then exclaimed: "Groovy!")
  • the sequence of Ash sucked and propelled into a whirling, spinning portal or rift, along with his '88 Oldsmobile and other objects, into a time-travel journey to the Middle-Ages, ca 1300s, where he vanquished a flying deadite with a blast from his shotgun, and was hailed as a hero, although he was horrified and repeatedly screamed: "Nooo!" as the camera pulled back and the film ended

Sucked into Time-Travel Portal

Arrival in Middle Ages

Shooting at Flying Deadite With Shotgun

Ending: "Nooo!"


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