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Fantastic Voyage (1966)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Fantastic Voyage (1966)

In Richard Fleischer's classic science-fiction adventure film (the most expensive of its time) - and the Oscar winner for Best Visual Effects:

  • the film's basic 'fantastic' premise - a nearly-dead, injured defecting Communist scientist Dr. Jan Benes (Jean Del Val), whose life was threatened by a blood clot in his brain (after an assassination attempt leaving the airport), was to be saved within one hour's time by a miniaturized team of specialists (four males and a female) engaged in a microscopic mission (after being injected inside Benes' body) inside a micro-sized nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Proteus
  • the sequence of the miniaturization of the submarine vessel to "about the size of a microbe" - before it was injected in the body; a POV shot from inside the vessel looked out to illustrate its shrinkage; and then the vessel was injected into the arterial bloodstream (via the carotid artery) - seen from various perspectives
The Miniaturized USS Proteus
Injected Into Benes' Bloodstream
  • the giant life-sized model of the interior circulatory system of the comatose patient, who was being monitored to precisely pinpoint the location of the submarine's 'fantastic voyage' inside of him; the mission was to travel via the carotid artery to the location of the damage (the blood clot) - an attempt to dissolve the clot would be accomplished with a laser beam
The USS Proteus Mission
Inside the Patient's Body
The Life-Sized Model
  • the memorable scene of antibodies or giant white blood cells (corpuscles) attacking curvaceous, 'scuba-diving' technical assistant Cora Peterson (Raquel Welch): ("They're tightening - I can't breathe"), and her return to the ship where the crew rescued her by pulling the seaweed-like antibodies from her body as they crystallized
The Attack of White Blood Cells - and The Rescue of Cora
  • the discovery that the enemy saboteur in the group was the twitchy medical consultant Dr. Michaels (Donald Pleasence) - destroyed inside the Proteus by heroic Commander Charles Grant (Stephen Boyd), and the miraculous rescue of the remainder of the surviving crew who emerged from the tear duct of the patient's eye and reverted back to normal size almost immediately afterwards

The Patient


Inside the Body

Saved Crew Ejected from Patient's Eye


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