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Fatal Attraction (1987)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Fatal Attraction (1987)

In Adrian Lyne's cautionary horror-thriller about sexual carelessness, perfect for the AIDS-epidemic era:

  • the wild passionate sex scenes (in her kitchen, elevator and bedroom) over two days between mistress Alex Forrest (Glenn Close), a predatory literary book editor, and happily-married (for 9 years) yet philandering Manhattan lawyer/husband Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas)
  • the scene of Alex's first hint of her possessiveness when he was leaving after love-making and she objected: "I don't think I like this...The way you run away after every time we make love...You're not gonna leave now...I mean it, I mean it!"
  • the nightmarish vindictiveness of the pathological, obsessive, and scorned woman through repeated discussions and other actions; Alex's increasingly-desperate tactics included slitting her wrists, claiming she was pregnant and didn't want an abortion ("I want this child. It has nothing to do with you. I want it whether you're gonna be a part of it or not...I was hoping that you would want to be a part of it...I'm 36 years old . It may be my last chance to have a child"), and numerous threats and demands; she asked Dan to hurt her: ("I'm not gonna be ignored, Dan...What are you so afraid of?...Go ahead, hit me. If you can't f--k me, why don't you just hit me?...Don't you ever pity me, you smug bastard...I won't allow you to treat me like some slut you can just bang a couple of times and throw in the garbage. I'm gonna be the mother of your child. I want a little respect") - and then when she threatened to tell his wife, he burst into anger: "You tell my wife, I'll kill you"; however at one earlier point, she had insinuated herself into Dan's life with an awkward visit to his wife Beth (Anne Archer) in their NYC apartment (to express an interest as a buyer)
"I'm pregnant, I'm going to have our child..."
"I'm not gonna be ignored, Dan"
"You tell my wife, I'll kill you!"
  • Alex's taped message filled with verbal abuse, labeled "Play me" that Dan listened to: ("So you're scared of me, aren't ya?...Why you gutless, heartless, spineless f--king son of a bitch, I hate you. You deserve everything you get")
  • the sequence of Beth's discovery of the family's pet bunny (named Whitly) boiling in a pot on the kitchen stove at their country Bedford home - the result of Alex's predatory revenge on six year-old daughter Ellen's (Ellen Hamilton Latzen), by making 'hare stew' (filmed with suspenseful cut-aways of the child running to the empty rabbit hutch)
Boiling Pot on Stove
Empty Rabbit Hutch
"Hare Stew"
  • the final brawling vengeance scene in the bathroom, when Dan came upon Beth being assaulted by Alex wielding a large kitchen knife; he grabbed her around the neck and submerged her in the bathtub to strangle and drown her; Alex's eyes turned white and she stopped struggling, but then suddenly and explosively, she jolted back to life - with a deep breath, she rose up resurrected from the bathtub to strike again, but was shot in the chest by Dan's wife Beth at the doorway
"Return From the Dead" Shock Ending

Kitchen Sex

Elevator Sex


Alex's Slit Wrists

Alex Insinuating Herself into Dan's Life - Afternoon Tea Meeting with Beth

Beth's Fatal Gunshot


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