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The Full Monty (1997)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Full Monty (1997, UK)

In director Peter Cattaneo's international buddy comedy about six unemployed workers (mostly steel factory employees in the town of Sheffield, South Yorkshire) becoming a male striptease act, featuring "the full monty" (complete nudity):

  • the inspiration to assemble a local stripper group of men and put on a profitable show, after Sheffield resident Gary "Gaz" Schofield (Robert Carlyle) (a divorced father who needed money for child support for his son Nathan) saw a poster for a Chippendales' styled act at a local club filled with women
  • the attempted suicide scene of depressed ex-steel mill security guard Lomper (Steve Huison) in his smoke-filled car, before being recruited to be a member of the strip act being formed
  • the famous short dole queue scene at a job center - a feel-good moment in which unemployed working-class men heard Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff" on the radio and rhythmically started moving - ultimately devising a get-rich-quick scheme for "Gaz" and the entire group to make money
Job Center Line-Dancing
  • the stripper audition scene when anatomically well-endowed but uncoordinated candidate Guy (Hugo Speer) dropped his pants and Gaz observed: "Gentleman, the lunch box has landed"
Audition: Guy with Pants Down: "The Lunchbox Has Landed"
  • their practice rehearsals when the clutzy would-be dancers worked on their bump and grind act; and fat Dave Horsefall's (Mark Addy) concerns about his out-of-shape figure: ("I mean, what if next Friday, 400 women turn around and say: 'He's too fat, he's too old, and he's a pigeon-chested little tosser. What happens then, eh?...Bullocks to your personality. This is what they're looking at, right?. And I tell you summat, mates. Anti-wrinkle cream there may be, but anti-fat-bastard cream, there is none")
  • in the finale, the actual amusing stripping scene on-stage of the stripper group - dubbed "Hot Metal: We Dare to Be Bare" - during a rendition of Tom Jones' "You Can Leave Your Hat On", when they went "the full monty" by pulling off their red g-string thongs (with hat cover-up) to the delight of many screaming female fans - ending in a freeze-frame

The Inspiration: A One-Night Chippendale-like Act

Lomper's Attempted Suicide

Dave's Worries About the Performance

The Finale: The Full Monty Show


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