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Go (1999)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Go (1999)

In Doug Liman's kinetic and adrenaline-rushing non-linear black comedy about an interconnected group of three stories, artfully depicted and told from three different perspectives or points of view - Pulp Fiction-style in a 24-hour period:

  • the opening scene of a typical day in the life of LA grocery check-out cashier-clerk Ronna Martin (Sarah Polley), who was about to be evicted for not paying her rent; in the store's back stock room, she and co-workers began a game called "dead celebrities" - the loser would have to go to the storefront to serve customers: "Omar Sharif. Steve McQueen. Michael Landon. Lee Marvin" - when Ronna answered Malcolm X, she was challenged and ultimately lost
  • the sequence of Ronna acting as a go-between (to make a few extra bucks) when approached by two customers - a gay couple Zack (Jay Mohr) and Adam (Scott Wolf), to pick up drugs-for-sale for them at Christmas time from the dealer of her absent co-worker Simon (Desmond Askew) (who was on his way to Vegas)
  • in the apartment of menacing, suspicious, bare-chested drug-dealer Todd Gaines (Timothy Olyphant) on Christmas Eve, Todd was wearing a Santa Claus hat, and forced Ronna to remove her shirt to prove she wasn't wired: ("You come here out of the blue asking for 20 hits when 20 is the magic number where 'intent to sell' becomes 'trafficking'?"); Ronna had to leave co-worker/friend Claire Montgomery (Katie Holmes) behind there as "collateral" for an hour when she left to raise more money for the $300 price tag - and meanwhile, Todd asked flirtatious questions of Claire: ("You wanna get laid?...Are you a virgin?")
  • after a drug-deal-gone-bad scene, Ronna's shoplifting of over-the counter drugs (allergy medicine and baby aspirin) and selling them to unsuspecting teens in a van at a Rave who believed they were getting high on Ecstasy: ("I think I feel something...It's really smooth, isn't it?")
  • the shocking scene of Ronna's serious hit-and-run injury when accidentally struck by a yellow Miata sports-car in a parking lot (later revealed to be driven by Adam and Zack); she was thrown onto the windshield and then dropped to the pavement, while Todd was tracking her down and confronting her with a gun
Ronna's Serious Car Injury - Hit by a Yellow Miata
  • the scene of Adam and Zack, daytime soap opera actors, invited over to the home of suspicious police detective Burke (William Fichtner) and his wife Irene (Jane Krakowski) for Christmas dinner - the "ulterior motive" for the invite was to sell them on Amway ("Confederated") Products: ("You've looked around our place. Where do you think we got most of this stuff?...It's actually from Confederated Products. Almost everything in this house is from Confederated Products from the toilet paper, to the candles, to the ham....Even that cologne you liked. You see, Confederated Products is a multilevel, direct wholesaling company which means we don't just sell the products ourselves. No sir-you-ree Bob! We recruit and manage teams that work under us. Now, Irene and I started eight months ago and already, we're pulling in $50,000 a year in revenues... Confederated Products. It's a, it's a different company. It's a different quality of product")
Zack and Adam Sold A Pyramid Scheme (Amway) by Burke (William Fichtner) During Christmas Dinner
  • at a gas station, gay couple Zack and Adam's rationalized about the hit-and-run accident that struck Ronna, to explain away their complicity: (Zack: "OK, let's think about this logically. She's either alive or she's dead. All right, if she's dead, there's nothing we can do about it. If she's alive, the guy who had that gun who looked like he really wanted to shoot her, he probably did shoot her." Adam: "So even if she's alive, she's dead." Zack: "Exactly. Exactly"); fearing getting caught, the two returned to the scene of the crime where they found Ronna alive
  • the story's different perspective - Ronna's absent British co-worker Simon, his black friend Marcus (Taye Diggs), Tiny (Breckin Meyer) and Singh (James Duval) were on a weekend drive to Las Vegas; during the car ride, Tiny described having sex: "It hits her in the eye. And her contact? It's, like, stuck on the end of my dick"
  • while having a buffet meal, Marcus bragged to his buddies about the benefits of prolonged Tantric sex: ("The thing is, most people - they don't really know how to make love. OK, they stick it in, move it around a little bit till they get off. But what Tantra teaches you is how to deepen, prolong the sexual experience. OK, bring it to a higher level. If one man in ten was havin' the sex that I'm havin', there'd be no war"); he explained his longest sexual intercourse was "fourteen hours" without even ejaculating, and his experience of an orgasm that could last up to an hour and a half: ("That's the thing. You redirect the orgasm inside...Honest to God and I do mean Allah...I haven't ejaculated in six months. Hey - anyone can do it. It just takes discipline")
  • the crazy and wild misadventures sequences of Simon and Marcus in Las Vegas, including Simon's meeting up with two bridesmaids in a wedding chapel reception and having 'tantra' sex with them after smoking pot together (and then accidentally setting their hotel room on fire), the Crazy Horse strip club lap dance (code named "Champagne") ordered by Simon ("I'd like to buy your most expensive bottle of champagne") in a back room, accompanied by a strict warning: ("This is a gentlemen's club. You are expected to behave as gentlemen. I'll be giving you one rule. If you break this rule, I will break your arm. Are we clear? The ladies can touch you. You cannot touch the ladies at any point, under any circumstance. Is that clear?") and then the two were thrown out for groping ("Hands!"), and their shooting and car chase sequence to the tune of Steppenwolf's 'Magic Carpet Ride'
Simon's Private Lap Dance in Strip Club Gone Wrong
Vegas Car Chase:
"Magic Carpet Ride"
  • the breakfast conversation at a restaurant between Claire and Todd the next morning, and his diatribe against the comic strip Family Circus: ("You sit down to read your paper and you're enjoying your entire two-page comic spread. Right? And there's The Family f--king Circus, bottom right corner, just waiting to suck. And that's the last thing you read, so, it spoils everything you read before it... I hate it, yet I'm uncontrollably drawn to it")

"Dead Celebrities" Trivia Game with Co-Workers

LA Grocery Clerk Ronna Martin (Sarah Polley)

Ronna As Drug-Deal Go-Between

Drug Dealer Todd Asking Claire (Katie Holmes): "You wanna get laid?"

Teens in Van at Rave Sold Stolen Pills as Ecstasy

Adam and Zack Discussing The Hit-and-Run

Tiny's (Breckin Meyer) Sex Story on Trip to Las Vegas

Marcus: The Benefits of Tantric Sex

Simon with Two Bridesmaids in Vegas

Todd's Diatribe Against Family Circus


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