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Happiness (1998)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Happiness (1998)

In controversial film-maker Todd Solondz's infamous and subversive unrated film about pedophilia - a black satire on middle-class suburban dysfunctionality:

  • the character of unlikeable suburban dad and psychiatrist - Dr. Bill Maplewood (Dylan Baker), a predatory pedophile, whose aberrant behavior was exhibited in the scene at his adolescent son Billy's (Rufus Read) little league baseball game, in the backseat of his car (where he masturbated to a teen magazine), and during sleepovers when he molested (off-camera) his son's schoolpal and teammate (drugged with a tuna sandwich)
Pedophile Dr. Bill Maplewood
(Dylan Baker)
  • the scene of the honest conversation between father and son, about the father being a molester (a "serial rapist" and a "pervert"): Son: "Would you ever f--k me?" Father: "No, I'd jerk off instead."
  • the famous ending scene of Billy proudly admitting to his stunned family at the dining table: "I came" (he had masturbated while spying on a buxom sunbather from his balcony)

Awkward Conversation Between Father and Son

Billy: "I came"


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