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Happy Feet (2006)


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Happy Feet (2006)

In director George Miller's rollicking, poignant song-and-dance CGI animated musical:

  • the many song-and-dance numbers, including the opening courting duet songs between two Emperor Penguins in Antarctica: Elvis Presley-like Memphis (voice of Hugh Jackman) to Heartbreak Hotel and breathy Marilyn Monroe-like Norma Jean (voice of Nicole Kidman) to Prince's Kiss
  • the birth of emperor penguin chick Mambo (voice of Elijah Wood) - a young fuzzball; the blue-eyed, golden-beaked baby penguin chick, dubbed Mambo by father Memphis, immediately began to soft-shoe dance on the snow, explaining that he was "F-f-f-freezing!" but that his feet were "happy"; later, Mambo would be named Mumble by his peers due to his inability to sing, and 'Happyfeet' by the disgusted elders who exiled him for his forbidden dancing ("It's just not penguin")
  • the scene of Mumble's teacher Miss Viola (voice of Magda Szubanski) discovering that he did not have a heartsong: ("A penguin without a heartsong is hardly a penguin at all") - a romantic song that would attract a soulmate - but he had a unique talent as a tap dancer (noted dancer Savion Glover motion-captured to supply the dancing movements)
  • the brilliant Spanish-lingo version of Frank Sinatra's My Way by rambunctious Latino penguin Ramon (voice of Robin Williams) who supplied funny commentary, including his reaction to Mumble's screeching singing: ("I heard an animal do that once, but then they rolled him over and he was dead")
  • the sequence of Mumble's successful courting of Gloria (voice of Brittany Murphy) by tap dancing to her singing of a fully orchestrated rendition of Boogie Wonderland
  • the two exciting deadly chase sequences: (1) a hungry leopard seal's jaws almost caught Mumble, but he was able to thwart the seal when both ended up on the surface of the ice, and (2) later in the film a chase by two killer whales who tossed Mumble and penguin holy man-charlatan Lovelace (also voice of Robin Williams) into the air several times
  • the scene of Mumble arguing with the elders led by Noah the Elder (Hugo Weaving), when they wanted him to be ostracized - they feared that his 'happy feet' were responsible for famine; Mumble counter-argued: ("Wait a minute, happy feet can't cause a famine"), with the elder's retort: ("If thy kind of pagan display didn't cause it, what did?...He drove the fish away, and now he's ranting this rubbish!..And so it follows. Dissent leads to division and division leads us to doom. You, Mumble Happy Feet, must go")
  • the brave trek of the exiled Mumble to discover the "aliens" who were responsible for a severe fish shortage, as he fought through blizzards and finally dove off a high cliff to pursue an "alien" fishing ship - as Lovelace called after him: "I'm gonna be telling your story, Happy Feet, long after you're dead and gone!"
  • the heart-wrenching scene when a captured Mumble, now living a nightmarish life in a big-city aquarium, performed a soft-shoe routine for a little girl (a biped "alien") on the other side of the display glass, drew a crowd's attention and was set free
Mumble Captured and Held in Aquarium
  • the joyous finale-conclusion in which the human scientist aliens followed Mumble back to his habitat where they witnessed the penguins' mass dancing - Mumble had convinced the other penguins to join in a communal dance to communicate with the arriving 'aliens' (humans), resulting in the creatures being saved from starvation and hunting by a United Nations decree

Penguin Chick Mambo ("Mumble") Without a Heartsong

Escaping the Jaws of a Hungry Leopard Seal

Killer Whale Pursuit

Mumble Ostracized by the Elders

Scientists Watching Communal Dance of Penguins


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