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Hard-Boiled (1992)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Hard-Boiled (1992, HK) (aka Lat Sau San Taam)

In director John Woo's influential, star-making action film, the ultimate shoot-out 'gun-fu' flick of all time with two major shoot-out set-pieces:

  • the fierce gun battle set in a Hong Kong restaurant-tea house between officers and criminals (a group of gun smugglers led by criminal mobster Johnny Wong (Anthony Wong)) during a police raid, including hot-headed Inspector "Tequila" Yuen (Chow Yun-fat) and his partner Benny (Bowie Lam), when the Inspector slid down a stairway railing on his back, with pistols blasting in both hands
  • the gun-pointing standoff sequence during a warehouse shootout between Tequila and undercover cop Alan (Tony Leung) (posing as an assassin) who held guns to each other's heads - Tequila's .357 Ruger GP100 revolver was out of ammunition when he pulled the trigger; Alan could have then shot and killed Tequila, but he slowly lowered his gun and walked away, after which Tequila opened his revolver and dumped all its blank shells
  • the climactic and very lengthy shootout scene in the corridors, lobby, maternity ward, and offices of the burning Maple Group Hospital and ending outside (notable for its single, continuous take of two minutes and forty seconds in the enemy-infested hallways)

Shootout in HK Restaurant-Tea House

Gun-Pointing Standoff

Shootout in Hospital


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