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The Incredibles (2004)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Incredibles (2004)

In Pixar's Oscar-winning CGI animated film written and directed by Brad Bird, with the storyline premise of super-heroes being forced by the government into retirement and living out their quiet and private lives as a suburban family in a protection program:

  • the opening description of the exploits and demise of superheroes (or "Supers") - including Mr. Incredible - who had all fallen from grace due to the collateral damage they had caused, highlighted by newspaper headlines that described the revolt against them: ("$UPER DAMAGE$", "DYNAGUY SUED," and "GOVERNMENT HIDES HEROES") - the Incredibles were part of the government's effort to hide their identities as superheroes (the Superhero Relocation Program), force them to retire from public life, and take on new personas as a suburban family in Metroville
  • Bob Parr's remembrance of various exploits of his past illustrated in magazine covers and articles (posted on his study wall), and his moonlighting as a vigilante with his buddy-best friend, the ice-themed Frozone/Lucius Best (voice of Samuel L. Jackson); the humorous scene of Frozone/Lucius Best calling out to his off-screen wife Honey (Kimberly Adair Clark): "Where's my Super-Suit?...The public is in danger...We are talking about the greater good!"
Overweight Bob Parr (formerly Mr. Incredible) in Suburban Dead-End Job
Display of Magazine Covers
Bob Parr Remembering Past Exploits
  • the family's characters fifteen years later: superstrong, red-suited and slobbish Mr. Incredible/Bob Parr (voice of Craig T. Nelson) and his stretchy, feminist-minded wife ElastiGirl/Helen Parr (voice of Holly Hunter) with three children, including the speedy Dash (voice of Spencer Fox), the shy, invisible, force-field making teen Violet (voice of Sarah Vowell), and baby Jack-Jack
  • the scene of Bob's angry outburst directed at his work supervisor, causing injury and the loss of his mundane office job
  • his life-changing revelation - the reception of a video-tablet message from Mirage (voice of Elizabeth Peña) ("We have a new assignment for you"), that he must return to crime-fighting as Mr. Incredible
  • the kinetic action sequence in which Mr. Incredible battled an out-of-control, savage tripod-like robot called the Omnidroid on the remote tropical jungle island of Nomanisan, and tricked it into ripping out its own power source
  • the role of sassy super-hero costume fashion-designer Edna Mode (voice of Brad Bird) who created an indestructible outfit for the entire family of Incredibles superheroes
Lucius Best/Frozone: "Honey? Where's my Super-Suit?"
Fashionista Designer Edna Mode
Transformed Arch-Nemesis Syndrome ("You sly dog, you got me monologuing")
  • the character of Buddy Pine - originally Mr. Incredible's number one super-fan - who later adopted the new name of Syndrome (voice of Jason Lee) ("My name is not Buddy! I'm Syndrome, your nemesis...") when he became an extremely-irritating arch-nemesis, because of Mr. Incredible's earlier brush-off and rejection (Mr. Incredible: "Fly home, Buddy, I work alone")
  • the scene of Syndrome's imprisonment of the entire family of Incredibles on the island, before they were able to escape, to follow Syndrome to Metroville, where Syndrome had transported his much-improved Omnidroid robot in a rocket, to destroy the city and Mr. Incredible forever
  • the revelation of baby Jack-Jack's shape-shifting powers when the vengeful Syndrome tried to kidnap him (with future plans to raise him as his own sidekick), resulting in Syndrome's death when he (and his cape) were sucked into his own plane's turbine engine
  • in the concluding epilogue, three months later, the arrival of a new villain named The Underminer (voice of John Ratzenberger), and the revival of the Incredibles Family to combat the new threat
The Ending
Three Months Later
The Underminer
The Newly-Masked Family

Outburst at Bob's Mundane, White-Collar Job - Causing His Firing

Mirage's Mission for Bob

Super-Fan Buddy Pine to Mr. Incredible: "I'm your Number One Fan!"

Rejected Sidekick Buddy

The New Super-Hero Family

The New and Improved Omnidroid on Nomanisan Island

Syndrome's Imprisonment of the Superhero Family

The Omnidroid Attacking Metroville

Jack-Jack's Powers Revealed During Kidnap by Syndrome


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