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I Spit On Your Grave (1978)


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I Spit on Your Grave (1978) (aka Day of the Woman)

In producer/director/writer Meir Zarchi's gruesomely-told and widely vilified exploitation story, a notorious rape/vigilante revenge splatter-horror ('nastie') film:

  • the character of NYC socialite/writer Jennifer Hills (Camille Keaton, grand-niece of the famous comedian Buster Keaton) who rented a remote and woodsy summer riverside dwelling in Connecticut, and was spied upon
  • the graphic, lengthy and violent, painful-to-watch sequence of her repeated rape by four locals, including three aimless, misogynistic and sex-obsessed guys she had first met at a gas station (Eron Tabor as gas station manager Johnny, and his two unemployed friends Anthony Nichols as Stanley, and Gunter Kleeman as harmonica-playing Andy), and a fourth bespectacled, mentally-slow supermarket delivery man (Richard Pace as Matthew Lucas) who was there to lose his virginity
Repeated Rapes and Threatened Murder: In Muddy Forest, In House
  • when ordered and coaxed into stabbing Jennifer to death in the heart to eliminate their only witness to the multiple crimes ("If she's dead, she can't point her finger at us"), Matthew faked the murder by spreading blood on the knife blade; bruised and battered, the traumatized victim Jennifer knelt under a cleansing shower
  • the planned revenge of the traumatized victim who paid a visit to a church to pray for forgiveness before her brutal and bloody counter-assault she had planned, followed by the scenes of her angry (yet often seductive) revenge against each of the four attackers
  • a noose-hanging for Matthew
  • a lethal bloodletting castration for Johnny conducted nude in a bathtub with a conveniently-placed knife
  • an axing for Andy
  • a disembowelment with an outboard boat motor for Stanley

Cleansing Shower

Visit to Church

Castration of Johnny


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