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The Kid (1921)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Kid (1921)

In director/actor Charlie Chaplin's first self-produced and directed feature film, about the Tramp's care for an abandoned child:

  • the dilemma faced by unwed mother, the Woman (Edna Purviance) who gave birth to a child out of wedlock ("whose sin was motherhood") - and after being dismissed from a charity hospital, placed the infant in the back seat of a rich man's Model T, hoping it would be adopted and well cared-for; she wasn't expecting that two car thieves would steal the car, and leave the child in an alleyway
  • the frustrating efforts of the Tramp (Charles Chaplin), who found the abandoned child during his morning "promenade" in an alleyway, and his attempts to place the infant in another mother's carriage, before deciding to adopt the kid
  • the fathering scenes of the young orphan Kid (Jackie Coogan) including the Tramp's ingenious devising of a cradle and feeding-bottle apparatus with a suspended coffee pot (with a rubber nipple)
  • the breaking/fixing windows scam-business that the boy and 'father' (a glazier) used to make a living
  • the devastating scene of their emotional separation when the boy was taken away by the authorities of the County Orphan Asylum and he outstretched his arms from the back of the truck toward the Tramp
Scrambling Over Rooftops When The Kid Was Taken Away
  • the Tramp's run across the rooftops and jump into the County Asylum vehicle to hug, kiss and rescue the Kid, and retake him
  • the scene of their stay in a boarding flop-house among other outcasts
  • the charming fantasy "Dreamland" sequence when the Tramp sat on a doorway stoop, started to doze, and dreamt of a blissful, happier life in Heaven with the slum transformed into Paradise and the poor transformed into white winged angels (one of whom was Chaplin's future wife Lita Grey)
  • and finally, the reunion scene of the Kid with the Tramp and his real mother at her doorstep, when the Tramp was reunited with his elated adoptive son

The Tramp's Dilemma After Finding Abandoned Child

The Kid in Cradle with Feeding Bottle

The Tramp Offering to Fix Windows Broken by The Kid

"Dreamland" Sequence

The Kid Reunited With Tramp


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