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The Little Foxes (1941)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Little Foxes (1941)

In director William Wyler's family melodrama based upon Lillian Hellman's work:

  • the scene of the lengthy conversation between ruthless wife Regina (Bette Davis) and her invalid husband Horace Giddens (Herbert Marshall) when he revealed his disgust at the exploitative family's dirty dealings, and she declared that she was waiting for him to die: (Horace: "Maybe it's easy for the dying to be honest. I'm sick of you, sick of this house, sick of my unhappy life with you. I'm sick of your brothers and their dirty tricks to make a dime. There must be better ways of getting rich than building sweatshops and pounding the bones of the town to make dividends for you to spend. You'll wreck the town, you and your brothers. You'll wreck the country, you and your kind, if they let you. But not me, I'll die my own way, and I'll do it without making the world any worse. I leave that to you." Regina: "I hope you die! I hope you die soon!...I'll be waiting for you to die!")
Conversation Between Regina and Horace
  • the famous, impressively-filmed, deep-focus scene of the coronary seizure of Horace Giddens who was pleading for help as he struggled upstairs to get his heart medicine - behind his expressionless, unmoving, and stone-faced wife Regina who sat impassively on a sofa in the foreground; Horace collapsed into unconsciousness as he climbed the stairs behind her and suffered a fatal heart attack (without her deliberate lack of help)

Horace's Heart Attack on Staircase

Regina's Impassive Neglect of Her Dying Husband On Stairs Behind Her


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