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Little Rural Riding Hood (1949)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Little Rural Riding Hood (1949) (animation short)

In Tex Avery's fourth of four versions of the "Little Red Riding Hood" fairytale, preceded by Little Red Walking Hood (1938), Red Hot Riding Hood (1943), and Swing Shift Cinderella (1945) - a subversive, plot-twist cartoon about the forces of censorship, and the adage: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder":

  • the two main archetypal characters: a goofy-voiced bumpkin Country Wolf (voice of Pinto Colvig), and an extremely ugly, skinny, buck-toothed, backwoods Country Red Riding Hood (voice of Colleen Collins) with a strong Appalachian accent
  • the scene in which the Country Wolf was sent a Western Onion picture-telegram by his sophisticated and suave City Wolf Cousin (voice of Daws Butler), suggesting that he come to the city to see a "real Red Riding Hood" - and the Country Wolf Cousin's excited reaction to viewing the picture of his new shapely and potential lust object - all parts of his body separated, his eyes bulged, his hind end raised into the air, and his tongue extended onto the floor
Country Wolf's Reaction to Picture of City Red Riding Hood
  • the scene in a city nightclub, where the two tuxedoed Wolf cousins watched as the City Red Riding Hood (voice of Imogene Lynn), a sultry chanteuse performed the song: "Oh, Wolfie" - the City Wolf had to restrain the grabbing, whistling and hysterical reactions of his cousin, the Country Wolf, to the erotic sexy female
  • the final segment, when the City Wolf had to extract his Country Wolf cousin from the club, with an apology: "Oh, I'm very sorry Cousin, but I'm afraid city life is a bit too much for you. I shall motor you back to the country"; they motored out of the city in the City Wolf's stretch red roadster
The First Sight of Country Red
City Wolf's Reaction
  • back in the country, the City Wolf was astonished in the same exaggerated way by his first sight of the Country Red Riding Hood, who greeted them with a seductive "Howdy, boys!"; the City Wolf was likewise restrained and told by the Country Wolf: "Sorry cousin, this country life's too much for ya. I'll have to take ya back to the city"

Country Red Riding Hood

Country Wolf with Country Red

City Wolf Restraining Country Wolf During City Red's Singing

City Red's Performance of "Oh, Wolfie"


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