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Love Happy (1949)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Love Happy (1949)

In director David Miller's anarchic comedy - the Marx Bros' final starring feature, and noted for Marilyn Monroe's small but early memorable walk-on role:

  • Detective Sam Grunion's (Groucho Marx) beautiful blonde client (Marilyn Monroe), who made a dramatic entrance into Grunion's Detective Agency, while Sam held the door open
  • after she sashayed into the office, Sam asked: "Is there anything I can do for ya?" - followed by a pause, reflection, a glance at the audience, and then an aside: "What a ridiculous statement!"; she put her hand on his right shoulder and responded: "Mr. Grunion. I want you to help me"; Grunion was cooperative: "What seems to be the trouble?"; she told him: "Some men are following me," after which he replied: "Really? I can't understand why" - and then rolled his eyes; he volunteered to accompany her to the bus station when she was asked to leave: "I'll take ya down to the bus station. Oh, if I'm not back tonight, go ahead without me. That's been the history of all my romances"

Blonde Client's Dramatic Entrance

"Some men are following me"

"Really? I can't understand why"


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