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The Marrying Kind (1952)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Marrying Kind (1952)

In George Cukor's bittersweet marriage comedy/drama:

  • the tale of two middle-class New Yorkers -- Florence (Judy Holliday) and Chet Keefer (Aldo Ray in his film debut) and their marriage difficulties
  • the initial, revelatory and reflective flashbacks of the ups and downs of their relationship while in divorce court (in various "he said/she said" scenes), encouraged by the court's Judge Anne B. Carroll (Madge Kennedy)
  • the flashback of the life-changing, tragic Decoration Day family picnic scene in which Joey (Christopher Olsen), their six-year-old son, accidentally drowned in a park pond while nearby, an oblivious Florence was singing on a ukelele to her husband - "How I Love the Kisses of Dolores" - the scene returned to the courtroom where Florence began to sob uncontrollably
Discovery of Accidental Drowning

Ukelele Song: "How I Love the Kisses of Dolores"


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