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The Mirror (1975)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Mirror (1975, Soviet Union) (aka Zerkalo, or Зеркало)

In Andrei Tarkovsky's transcendent, semi auto-biographical, collage-like, unconventional drama, presented as a series of non-linear flashback-poems as Alexei (a dying poet) was lying on his deathbed, with visually-beautiful, unforgettable long takes and images in the film, including:

  • the mysterious opening sequence viewed on television, when a teenage boy was being cured of his stammer by a physician-hypnotist
  • a dream sequence of Maria (Margarita Terekhova), Alexei's mother, bent over and washing her hair in a basin, and then raising her head and pulling her hair back
  • another dream of Maria levitating several feet above her bed
  • and the most indelible (from the year 1935) - the family barn (owned by Alexei's grandparents) on fire in the countryside and slowly burning to the ground as everyone watched
Family Barn in Flames
Pregnant Maria
  • the final view of a pre-war (mid-1930s) pregnant Maria, smiling in a country field

On TV: Teenage Boy Cured of Stammer by Physician

Dream Sequences: Maria Washing Her Hair and Levitating


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