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Monsters, Inc. (2001)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Monsters, Inc. (2001)

In Pixar's-Disney's (their fourth collaboration) CGI animated comedy, an imaginative tale about a Monster World's 'Scare Factory':

  • the intriguing plot premise for the film - the city of Monstropolis (the company Monsters, Inc. - powered by Scream Heat fueled by the collective screams of human children), where monster "Scarer" employees were hired to emerge from childrens' closet doors at night and scare the young tots - but they were themselves scared of children, thinking they were toxic
  • the two delightful characters who were both employed by Monsters, Inc - a major scream refinery in the Monster world: (1) a giant, furry blue monster James P. "Sulley" Sullivan (voice of John Goodman) and (2) his wise-cracking assistant - one-eyed, short-statured green cyclops Mike Wazowski (voice of Billy Crystal)
James P. "Sulley" Sullivan
Mike Wazowski
  • the restaurant named Harryhausen's (in tribute to the famed stop-motion animator of monsters)

"We Scare Because We Care"

Menu with Name

Restaurant Sign
  • the two evil characters: the company's CEO/chairman, Henry J. Waternoose (voice of James Coburn) - an arthropodic monster with a crab-like lower body, and his ally Randall Boggs, a scary, purple chameleon-like lizard monster with eight-legs
  • their evil plot was to eliminate "scarers" by using a Scream-Extractor Machine (to suck up oxygen from children) - Randall's intention was to kidnap and then strap captured 2 year-old human toddler Mary (Mary Gibbs), nicknamed "Boo" to the mechanism, but he mistakenly kidnapped Mike
Randall Demonstrating the Scream-Extractor Machine
on Mike Wazowski
  • the amazing sequence of the wild roller-coaster chase involving hundreds of closet doors on an endless conveyor line, when Randall pursued both Mike and "Sulley" (who were attempting to save her), to try to recapture Mary
  • the sad goodbye scene when Mike and Sulley had to say goodbye to Mary/"Boo" when she was permanently returned to the human world through her bedroom closet door (and the door was shredded)
Mike Saying Goodbye to "Boo"
Sulley Saying Goodbye to "Boo"
Splinter Remnant of "Boo's" Shredded Door Kept by Sulley
  • after Mike's rebuilding and reactivation of the door to Mary's bedroom by assembling the numerous pieces of her shredded door (and a key piece had been kept by Sulley), the final poignant shot in which "Sulley" (now appointed as the CEO on Monsters, Inc.) peeked through Mary's bedroom door, entered and reacted joyfully to seeing her again

Henry J. Waternoose

Randall Boggs

Young Mary/"Boo"

Sulley Scared of Mary/"Boo"

Wild Chase Involving Closet Doors on Conveyor Line - Mike and Sulley Protect "Boo"

"Boo" Saved

Ending: Sulley Slowly Entering into "Boo's" Reassembled Bedroom Door


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