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Mouse Wreckers (1948)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Mouse Wreckers (1948) (short animation)

In this Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes short cartoon directed by Chuck Jones, with voices provided by Mel Blanc (Hubie and Claude) and comedian Stan Freberg (Bertie):

  • the efforts of two devilish mice Hubie and Bertie to remove a cat from their new potential home
  • the sight of Claude the Cat's trophy for "Best Mouser 1948"
  • pranks included: pounding the cat on the head with a wooden plank, inflating the cat with air, baiting the cat with a bulldog, and tying a string to the cat's tail with the other end weighted with a dropped rock - propelling the cat throughout the house
  • Claude's responses: drinking nerve tonic, and reading Sigmund Fried's Psychology of Dreams, thinking that he was only dreaming
  • and the ultimate trickery to drive Claude insane and out of the house -- nailing all of the room's furniture to the ceiling, and painting the ceiling like the floor; the confused cat was also confounded when looking through three different windows (one with an upside-down landscape, another sideways, and a third underwater)
Upside-Down Trickery

Two Mice: Hubie and Bertie

"Best Mouser: 1948"

Claude the Cat Inflated with Air


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