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A Movie (1958)


Written by Tim Dirks

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A Movie (1958) (short)

In Bruce Conner's underground, experimental montage short (12 minutes in length) - an avant-garde work composed of an arrangement of short clips of odd, random bits of stock "found footage" (allegedly from purchases of discarded 16mm films at flea markets or scavenged B-film footage from camera shops), organized in sections set apart by stretches of black leader, with lots of repeated titles (inaccurate, and sometimes upside down), and accompanied by Respighi's The Pines of Rome musical score:

  • the many bits of film from various sources spiced together to form a collage of images: the side view of a semi-nude woman undressing, a distant view of galloping horses in a cavalry charge on a hillside, Indians on horseback and on the warpath pursuing a western wagon-train, an old-fashioned, horse-drawn fire engine, a rampaging elephant, the spinning wheels of a steam locomotive train, and various race sports cars (demolition derby cars, etc.) speeding dangerously fast around a track with various crash scenes
  • bare-breasted Balinese women carrying tall items on their heads, a phallic-shaped zeppelin (the Hindenberg) flying above a city, acrobats and tightrope walkers performing risky stunts high above a city street, a submarine's periscope viewing a seductive, black bikini-clad model, the underwater firing of a phallic-shaped torpedo, the sight of a nuclear atomic bomb blast-explosion with the resultant mushroom cloud
  • surfers riding large waves, large open catamaran boats being pummeled by breaking ocean waves, a stunt water-skiier dangling from an apparatus that collapsed behind a boat, other water-boarders and small boats performing water-ski-styled stunts and jumps, more bicyclists riding on various experimental vehicles (scooters, cycles, two-wheelers), motorcyclists racing through mud and getting stuck, a bi-plane crashing and slowly sinking on the surface of a lake
  • historic footage of President Theodore Roosevelt delivering a speech, the destructive collapse of a suspension bridge during an earthquake, war footage (fiery war plane explosions in the sky), bombs striking their targets, numerous explosions, an active volcano, the crowning of Queen Elizabeth II during her inauguration, the explosion of the Hindenberg blimp, advancing WWI tanks, more race car crashes on a circular curved track, a sky-diver parachuting from a plane, another fiery object burning up in the sky
  • a tropical beach scene with views of bullocks and other animals, an entertaining Indian flute player, another view of the rippling road of a suspension bridge during an earthquake, more footage of the Hindenberg crash, more parachutists, a sinking ship in a vertical position going down, an execution-firing squad, dead corpses hung upside down, piles of dead bodies (soldiers) in a field, another mushroom cloud, the carcass of a slaughtered dead elephant surrounded by natives, starving and trembling African children
  • an underwater view of a swimming beaver, the Hindenberg crashing into the ground, a view of a scuba diver and tropical fish underwater, the diver's exploration of a barnacle-encrusted wreck, and a view of sparkling sunshine on the water

Semi-Nude Woman

Demolition Derby Race Car

Bare-Breasted Bali Women

Tightrope Walker

Bikini-Clad Model

Atom Bomb Mushroom Cloud


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