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Quiz # 21

1. Which of the following actors did not portray the Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde character in a theatrical feature film (non-TV) version of the Robert Louis Stevenson novella?

  • John Barrymore
  • Kirk Douglas
  • Fredric March
  • Spencer Tracy

2. Which of the following films is generally considered (debatedly) the first "New Wave" feature film?

  • The 400 Blows (Les Quatre Cents Coups)
  • Bitter Reunion (Le Beau Serge)
  • Black Orpheus (Orfeu Negro)
  • Breathless (A Bout de Souffle)

3. What object hung ominously above the bed of the nightmare-haunted character of young 15 year-old Tina (Amanda Wyss), in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)?

  • A broken clock
  • A crucifix
  • A knife
  • A picture of her delinquent boyfriend Rod

4. What was the feature film debut of 23 year-old Jane Fonda, the daughter of legendary actor Henry Fonda?

  • Period of Adjustment
  • Sunday in New York
  • Tall Story
  • Walk on the Wild Side

5. What was the first film that comic Jerry Lewis made solo after breaking up with his long-time partner Dean Martin, after the duo had successfully teamed together and made sixteen films for Paramount?

  • The Delicate Delinquent (1957)
  • Hollywood or Bust (1956)
  • Rock-A-Bye Baby (1958)
  • The Sad Sack (1957)

6. Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev visited the Hollywood studio set of which musical film during its making and declared the dancing "immoral" and a symbol of free America's "depraved" and "pornographic" culture?

  • Can-Can (1960)
  • Damn Yankees (1958)
  • L'il Abner (1959)
  • Porgy and Bess (1959)

7. In which film did beautiful actress Gene Tierney portray an insanely jealous woman who committed crimes in order to pathologically hold onto her husband's love?

  • Leave Her to Heaven (1945)
  • Dragonwyck (1946)
  • The Razor's Edge (1946)
  • Whirlpool (1949)

8. What was four year old child star Shirley Temple's first film appearance in 1932?

  • The Pie-Covered Wagon
  • The Red-Haired Alibi
  • Runt Page
  • War Babies

9. Which film is generally considered the first distinctive horror 'splatter' film with excessive gore, blood, bodily mutilation and violence?

  • Blood Feast
  • Dawn of the Dead
  • I Spit on Your Grave
  • Night of the Living Dead

10. What was the directorial debut feature film of Sydney Pollack?

  • Castle Keep
  • This Property is Condemned
  • The Scalphunters
  • The Slender Thread

11. A "Book of the Dead" and a remote cabin in the woods were two essential ingredients of which horror film?

  • Cabin Fever (2002)
  • The Evil Dead (1981)
  • Frightmare (1974)
  • The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

12. Which of the following actors was the most frequently cast in films of Alfred Hitchcock from the 1930s onward?

  • Leo G. Carroll
  • Cary Grant
  • Edmund Gwenn
  • James Stewart

13. Which of the following actors did not portray hunch-backed Notre Dame bell-ringer Quasimodo in a theatrical feature film (non-TV) version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

  • Lon Chaney
  • Anthony Hopkins
  • Charles Laughton
  • Anthony Quinn

14. In which of the following films did actor Kirk Douglas' character not die by the film's conclusion?

  • Champion (1949)
  • Detective Story (1951)
  • Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957)
  • Spartacus (1960)

15. Which film first paired on- and off-screen lovers Greta Garbo and John Gilbert?

  • Bardelys the Magnificent (1926)
  • Flesh and the Devil (1926)
  • The Torrent (1926)
  • The Temptress (1926)

16. In which of the following 1914 films did Charlie Chaplin make his debut film appearance?

  • Kid Auto Races in Venice
  • Mabel's Strange Predicament
  • Making a Living
  • Tillie's Punctured Romance

17. In which 1940s Hitchcock film did the villain fall from New York's Statue of Liberty?

  • Suspicion (1941)
  • Saboteur (1942)
  • The Paradine Case (1947)
  • Under Capricorn (1949)

18. Which of the following couples was considered the first popular romantic pairing in US films?

  • Francis X. Bushman and Beverly Bayne
  • Ronald Colman and Vilma Banky
  • Charles Farrell and Janet Gaynor
  • John Gilbert and Greta Garbo

19. In which of the following musical films did Judy Garland appear with actor/hoofer Gene Kelly?

  • For Me and My Gal (1942)
  • The Pirate (1948)
  • Summer Stock (1950)
  • All of the above

20. Which controversial film, shot in Utah near a nuclear weapons test site in the Nevada desert in 1954 (but premiering in 1956), was suspected as the cause of many subsequent cancer deaths of cast members and crew?

  • Blood Alley
  • The Conqueror
  • Soldier of Fortune
  • The Undefeated

21. In which of the following films did actress Bette Davis's character not die by the film's conclusion?

  • Of Human Bondage (1934)
  • The Petrified Forest (1936)
  • Dark Victory (1939)
  • The Letter (1940)

Quiz # 21: Answers

1. Answer: Kirk Douglas
In theatrical feature films, the split personality character was portrayed by Barrymore in 1920, March in 1931, and Tracy in 1941, while Kirk Douglas played the character in the made-for TV 1973 musical.

2. Answer: Bitter Reunion (Le Beau Serge)
Former Cahiers critic and director Claude Chabrol's Le Beau Serge (1958, Fr.) (aka Bitter Reunion), is generally considered the first "New Wave" (La Nouvelle Vague) film. It was a late 50's movement of inexpensive films typified by the use of the jump cut, the hand-held camera, natural lighting, non-linear storytelling, on-location shootings, and loose, improvised direction and editing.

3. Answer: A crucifix
During a nightmare, Tina grabbed the crucifix above her bed to help protect her, with frequent dreams of girls in white dresses skipping rope and singing: "One, two, Freddy's coming for you, Three, four, Better lock your door, Five, Six, Grab your crucifix..."

4. Answer: Tall Story
Fonda made her film screen debut in producer/director Joshua Logan's sports comedy Tall Story (1960), in the role of college cheerleader June Ryder who pursued after basketball star Ray Blent (Anthony Perkins). Future star/director Robert Redford, playing another basketball star, also made his screen debut in the film.

5. Answer: The Delicate Delinquent (1957)
After being paired with Martin from 1949 to 1956 in 16 films, ending with Hollywood or Bust (1956), Jerry Lewis made his first solo film, The Delicate Delinquent (1957), and was able to establish a successful career for himself.

6. Answer: Can-Can (1960)
After visiting the 20th Century Fox set during the filming of Can-Can (1960) in 1959, Khrushchev propagandistically commented that the saucy, skirt-lifting and backside-displaying dancing of long-legged actress Juliet Prowse (in her film debut) was "immoral."

7. Answer: Leave Her to Heaven (1945)
In the film noirish Leave Her to Heaven (1945), Best Actress-nominated Tierney took the role of femme fatale Ellen Berent, who deliberately caused the drowning of her husband's polio-stricken teenaged brother, and the death of her own unborn son by tripping down a flight of stairs. Then, after poisoning herself with arsenic, she implicated her own adopted sister as the murderess.

8. Answer: Runt Page
Young Temple's first film appearance was in Runt Page (1932) as Lulu Parsnips (a take-off on Louella Parsons) – it was the first of eight Educational Pictures' Baby Burlesks shorts (take-offs with toddlers playing adult roles and wearing provocative clothing).

9. Answer: Blood Feast
Sexploitation director Herschell Gordon Lewis' low-budget cult film Blood Feast (1963) is usually considered the first horror 'splatter' film, although there were some 'splatter' themes in a few earlier films, such as The Horror of Dracula (1958), Psycho (1960), and Jigoku (1960, Jp.).

10. Answer: The Slender Thread
Sydney Pollack's feature film debut was for the melodramatic The Slender Thread (1965), about a Seattle suicide hotline prevention center, starring Telly Savalas, Sidney Poitier as a university student volunteer working the phone-line, and Anne Bancroft as a pill-overdosed caller.

11. Answer: The Evil Dead (1981)
In Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead (1981), the first of a trilogy of films, dormant, demonic evil spirits from the ominous surrounding forest went after the group of university students after they opened a Book of the Dead found in the cellar.

12. Answer: Leo G. Carroll
Leo G. Carroll appeared in 6 Hitchcock films (from 1940-1959), while the other three actors appeared in only 4 Hitchcock films apiece from the 1930s onward: Grant (1941, 1946, 1955, and 1959), Gwenn (1931, 1934, 1940, and 1955), and Stewart (1948, 1954, 1956, and 1958).

13. Answer: Anthony Hopkins
In theatrical feature films, Chaney portrayed Quasimodo in 1923, Laughton in 1939, and Quinn in 1956, while Hopkins played the tragic figure in the 1982 British-American TV movie.

14. Answer: Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957)
In Champion, boxer Midge Kelly died of a brain hemorrhage after a championship fight; in Detective Story, police detective Jim McLeod died from gunshot wounds; and in Spartacus, the rebellious slave leader was crucified on a cross.

15. Answer: Flesh and the Devil (1926)
Their first film together was director Clarence Brown's Flesh and the Devil, Garbo's third American silent film for MGM. It was the first of four films she made with lover John Gilbert - two of which were directed by Clarence Brown.

16. Answer: Making a Living
Chaplin's debut film was a comedy short, the 6th of 12 films featuring the Keystone Cops. Chaplin played a "Swindler" in the film - he had not yet developed his familiar trademark character of "The Tramp." Chaplin's first feature film appearance was in Tillie's Punctured Romance. In Chaplin's second picture, the 11-minute Kid Auto Races in Venice, he invented his immortal, trademark Little Tramp character.

17. Answer: Saboteur (1942)
At the conclusion of Saboteur (1942), the first of Hitchcock's two films for Universal at the time, the real saboteur (Norman Lloyd) fell to his death from the statue.

18. Answer: Francis X. Bushman and Beverly Bayne
Bushman and Bayne first co-starred in Jack Conway's short crime drama House of Pride (1912), and went on to appear in dozens of films together (for Essanay and Metro). In 1918, Bushman's scandalous extra-marital affair with his long-time co-star Bayne became public, and after divorcing his older wife, Bushman secretly married Bayne (the studio feared they would lose popularity).

19. Answer: All of the above
Garland's last film appearance with Gene Kelly was in her last completed film for MGM, Summer Stock (1950).

20. Answer: The Conqueror
Although impossible to prove, actor/director Dick Powell's The Conqueror (1956), produced by Howard Hughes, did expose many of the cast and crew to radiation. Of The Conqueror's 220 cast and crew members from Hollywood, 91 contracted cancer.

21. Answer: The Petrified Forest (1936)
In Of Human Bondage, Mildred Rogers died of tuberculosis; in Dark Victory, Judith Traherne passed away from a malignant brain tumor; and in The Letter, Leslie Crosbie was vengefully stabbed.