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Mulan (1998)


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Mulan (1998)

In Disney's animated adaptation of the Chinese folk fable of Mulan, the studio's 36th animated feature film:

  • the scene in which young Fa Mulan (voice of Ming-Na Wen) decided to take her ailing father Fa Zhou's (voice of Soon-Tek Oh) place in the war against the Mongols; she cut her long black hair and disguised herself as "son" Ping to join the Chinese military as a male warrior, in order to save her family's honor
  • the conversion of an incense burner into the 18 inch high, wise-cracking, orange sidekick dragon Mushu (voice of Eddie Murphy, who would later voice the similar character of Donkey in Shrek (2001)) to join Mulan and protect her
  • the exhilarating scene in which Mulan cunningly caused an avalanche with a cannon-rocket aimed at a gigantic mound of snow, to wipe out the Mongol Hun army
  • following the avalanche and victory, Mulan's discovery that she had been wounded by a sword swipe by evil Hun warrior Shan Yu (voice of Miguel Ferrer), and during her treatment, her identity was discovered
  • the climactic palace rooftop confrontation - a personal one-on-one combat between Shan Yu and Mulan; she was saved when Mushu launched a huge firecracker that hit Shan Yu and carried him off to his explosive death
Palace Rooftop Confrontation: Mulan vs. Shan Yu
  • the scene in which Mulan was pardoned and praised by the Emperor of China (voice of Pat Morita) for saving China, and given warrior Shan Yu's sword, while thousands of people in Shanghai bowed in thanks
Victorious Mulan Presented with Sword by Emperor
Thousands Bowed to Mulan
Mulan's Return Home to Captain Li Shang
  • Mulan's return home to her grateful family, where she was met by her dashing love interest Captain Li Shang (voice of BD Wong)

Mulan Disguised as
"Son" Ping

Mulan's Sidekick Dragon Mushu

Evil Hun Warrior Shan Yu

Mulan Lighting a Cannon to Fire at Gigantic Mound of Snow

The Cannon Blast Aimed to Cause an Avalanche to Wipe Out Hun Army Below


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