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My Neighbor Totoro (1988)


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My Neighbor Totoro (1988, Jp.) (aka Tonari no Totoro)

In director Hayao Miyazaki's fanciful and imaginative anime tale about friendship between two young daughters in late 1950s Japan - the director's breakthrough film:

  • the two main characters - young protagonist sisters: 10-year-old Satsuki and 4-year-old Mei, daughters of Anthropology Professor Kusakabe in Tokyo, living in the rural countryside while their mother was recuperating in a hospital of an illness
  • in the mystical forest around the farmhouse, Mei discovered a menagerie of small, friendly house 'sprites' (or spirits), known as Totoros (gods of the forest) (pronounced toe-toe-ro); the three spirits were: (1) a translucent, small white creature (a Chibi Totoro), and (2) a medium-sized blue creature (a Chuu Totoro); and the third gray creature (an Oh Totoro), the biggest and eldest, the King or Guardian of the Forest, who was found sleeping inside a large camphor tree
  • one rainy night, as the two sisters (Mei was clinging onto Satsuki's back) waited at a bus stop, Oh Totoro revealed himself with only a leaf on his head for protection against the rain; Oh Totoro handed the girls a package (filled with acorns) before he left
  • after planting the acorns in a garden, the girls watched one night as the seedlings sprouted and a new forest of acorn trees quickly grew up
  • the first appearance of the "cat bus" - a 12 legged, feline vehicle, one of the magical and whimsical creatures in the forest; it had a wide mouth and face, was striped, and slightly resembled the "Cheshire Cat" in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland
The "Cat Bus"
  • the later reunion of the two sisters, who were transported in the bus to the hospital to see their ill mother Yasuko

(l to r): Mei and Satsuki

Two Small, Rabbit-Eared House Spirits or Totoros

At the Bus Stop: Oh Totoro

The Fast-Growing Acorn Trees in Their Garden

Satsuki and Mei On The Way to Hospital to Visit Their Mother


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