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The Naked Prey (1966)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Naked Prey (1966, South Africa/US)

In this adventure/chase film set in 19th century Africa co-directed by Cornel Wilde and Sven Persson:

  • the excruciating scene of the torture and execution of arrogant members of an ivory hunting expedition by African tribesmen (the safari leader was staked to the ground in front of a cobra, while another was coated in pottery clay and slowly cooked over a rotisserie) - led by a warrior (Ken Gampu) after the white men refused to pay tribute to the tribal king (Morrison Gampu)
  • the amazing race-for-his-life chase scene by the Man (a naked and unarmed safari tour leader/guide) (Cornel Wilde) as six tribe warriors gave him a head start of 100 yards into the bush

Torture: Staked to the Ground

"Naked Prey" Race for Life Chase


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