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Night After Night (1932)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Night After Night (1932)

In director Archie Mayo's saucy pre-Code comedy/drama, noted for Mae West's supporting role performance in her first talking film as a bawdy, wise-cracking gangster's moll - with frequent double-entendres:

  • the plot: 9th Avenue speakeasy ("55") owner and crude Prohibition tough guy Joe Anton's (George Raft) romantic interest in once-wealthy debutante Miss Jerry Healy (Constance Cummings) - known as "Miss Park Avenue"
  • the character of bejeweled, sharp-witted Maudie Triplett (Mae West), Joe's ex-girlfriend, who made a memorable entrance into the speakeasy; she was famously noted for her brassy dialogue with the coat-room clerk, when she was complimented on her diamonds: (Clerk: "Goodness, what lovely diamonds!" Maudie: "Goodness had nothing to do with it, dearie")
  • the sequence of Maudie barging into the intimate, proper and private dinner party at the night-club held by Joe for Jerry, when Maudie arrived to create havoc - she upset the proceedings and embarrassed Joe by pulling him toward herself for a kiss: "Oh Joe, it's just life to see ya. Come here, crawl to me baby. Crawl to me"
Maudie Introduced by Joe to Jerry and Mabel
Maudie to Joe: "Crawl to me, baby"
Joe Showing Jerry His Bedroom's Framed Pictures
  • after a night of heavy drinking, the scene of Maudie's words of advice to Joe's very proper, elderly speech coach Miss Mabel Jellyman (Alison Skipworth) - advising her to change her profession and make more money: "Why dearie, you're wasting your time. Why, a gal with your poise and class, why you'd make thousands in my's one of the best payin' rackets in the world" - and then she corrected Mabel's assumption that she was a prostitute: "Say listen dearie, you got me all wrong. I've got a chain of beauty parlors" - and offered her a hostess position
  • in the film's closing moments, Joe realized that even though Jerry had kissed him, she now rebuffed him and told him that she was planning to marry some else, and admitted she wasn't in love with her fiancee, but was only marrying for money; he responded coldly: "You're just another dame with a skirt on, and there's no difference between you and Iris except the way you manicure your nails...I've got nothing but contempt for you...You're just nothing to me, just nothing at all"
  • slightly later, a spiteful Jerry arrived at the club to wreck Joe's bedroom; she smashed most of the framed pictures on the walls; then, when Joe arrived, he interpreted that she really cared for him and began to force kisses from her; she fought back and then collapsed; as the speakeasy was being assaulted downstairs by mobsters and gunfire was heard, Jerry rushed after Joe and begged to apologize to him; she acknowledged her wrong-doing, and admitted that she cared for him: "You can't go down there. I love you. I didn't know it but I do now...You were right. That's why I came back. Oh, I do love you"
Jerry's and Joe's Breakup
Jerry's Confession That She Was Marrying Someone Else for Money
Joe's Rebuke to Jerry: "You're just nothing to me, just nothing at all"
Smashing Pictures in Joe's Bedroom

'55' Speakeasy Owner Joe Anton (George Raft)

Joe's Interest in Miss Jerry Healy (Constance Cummings)

Maudie's Entrance: "Goodness had nothing to do with it, dearie"

Maudie to Mabel: "Why dearie, you're wasting your time...Say listen dearie, you got me all wrong. I've got a chain of beauty parlors"

Forced Kisses

Jerry: "Oh, I do love you"


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