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Oliver! (1968)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Oliver! (1968, UK)

In Lionel Bart's musical version inspired by the Charles Dickens novel "Oliver Twist" - both a British production and a big Broadway hit - as well as a Best Picture-winning film (from first-time musical director Carol Reed who won Best Director).- about a poorhouse orphan's travails in early 19th century London:

  • the show-stopping "Food, Glorious Food" by the entire group of orphans at Mr. Bumble's Home for Paupers and Orphans; the barefooted orphan boys marched into the dining room for a ladle full of gruel broth: ("Is it worth the waiting for, If we live till eighty-four All we ever get is gruel, Every day we say our prayers Will they change the bill of fare? Still we get the same old gruel There's not a crust not a crumb. Can we find can we beg can we borrow or cadge, But there's nothing to stop us from getting a thrill, When we all close our eyes and imagine, Food glorious food...")
  • the opening line of 9 year-old orphan Oliver (Mark Lester) asking for a second helping of gruel from workhouse boss Mr. Bumble (Harry Secombe): "Please, sir, I want some more." "What?" "Please sir, I want some...more." "More?!"
  • Oliver's wistful singing of "Where Is Love?" at a window after the punished young boy was thrown into a dark cellar (full of empty coffins)
  • the large production number set in London where Oliver had fled and he met up with the young streetwise thief Jack Dawkins, aka The Artful Dodger (Jack Wild); Oliver was welcomed into a boy gang with "Consider Yourself": "Consider yourself... at home! / Consider yourself... one of the family!"
  • other hit songs included wily, crafty and thieving Fagin's (Ron Moody) words of advice to Oliver about his group of street urchin's profession of pickpocketing - "You've Got To Pick a Pocket or Two"
Fagin (Ron Moody)
Bill Sikes (Oliver Reed)
  • the ensemble's performance of "I'd Do Anything" - ("I know that I'd go anywhere for your smile anywhere, for your smile, everywhere I'd see. Would you lace my shoe? Anything. Paint your face bright blue? Anything. Catch a kangaroo? Anything. Go to Timbuktu? And back again...")
  • the singing of the ballad "As Long As He Needs Me" by prostitute Nancy (Shani Wallis), the common-law wife of master burglar and brutish murderer Bill Sikes (Oliver Reed), Fagin's associate, who professed her undying love - even for the abusive Sikes who had just slapped her: ("As long as he needs me. Oh yes he does need me. In spite of what you see, I'm sure that he needs me. Who else would love him still When they been used so ill? He knows I always will as long as he needs me. I miss him so much when he is gone but when he's near me I don't let on. The way I feel inside, The love I have to hide But hell, I got my pride as long as he needs me")
  • the stunning scenes of Sikes' bludgeoning murder (off-screen) of Nancy at the London Bridge, and Sikes' own death when shot dead by a pursuing mob and police

"Food, Glorious Food"

Mr. Bumble (Harry Secombe)

"I want some more"

"Where is Love?"

The Artful Dodger: "Consider Yourself"

Fagin (and company): "I'd Do Anything"

Nancy (Shani Wallis) Singing "As Long As He Needs Me"


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