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Los Olvidados (1950)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Los Olvidados (1950, Mex.) (aka The Young and the Damned, and The Forgotten Ones)

In Luis Buñuel's nihilistic and grim cautionary tale - one of the greatest, and harshest films ever made, filmed in stark black and white cinematography, and set in the slums of Mexico City populated by gangs of street kids:

  • the horrific, sadistic acts of murderous brutality of a juvenile delinquent gang led by amoral, older violent reform school jail-escapee and miscreant El Jaibo (Roberto Cobo) who committed many acts of petty crime, including the merciless robbery and beating of blind street musician Don Carmelo (Miguel Inclán), and the destruction of his drum
  • in the next sequence set near a half-built, high-rise building, Jaibo (in denim overalls) vengefully beat rival Julian (Javier Amezcua) to death by striking him from behind in the head with a large rock (hidden in a fake arm sling) and then stole his money, in retaliation for Julian allegedly reporting him to police and sending him to jail
  • the sympathetic main character - youngest gang member Pedro (Alfonso Mejía) who was bribed (with some of Julian's stolen money) to not report Jaibo's act of murder
  • the homosexually-pedophilic advances on Pedro who prostituted himself to survive, and was unloved by his widowed mother (Estela Inda) (for being the offspring of a rape) with four children
  • the famous unsettling surrealistic dream sequence (in slow-motion and chiaroscuro) that Pedro had of Julian's blood-stained face and dead body under his bed (he had witnessed the murder) with chicken feathers floating in the air, and then sight of his unloving mother floating toward him with a large slab of rotting raw meat as a lightning bolt struck (she normally deprived him of food); suddenly, Jaibo reached from under the bed with his long distended arm and snatched the meat, as the dream ended
Pedro's Surrealistic Dream: Julian's Dead Body Under His Bed,
and His Mother with a Large Slab of Raw Meat
  • other such disturbing imagery included the sensous, fetishistic imagery of teenaged Meche (Alma Delia Fuentes), the pretty younger sister of a gang member, who seductively poured milk on her thighs to wash herself, and the sight of an abandoned boy named Ojitos or Cute Little Eyes (Mário Ramírez) suckling from a goat's teat in the market square, and later (after a fist-fight with Jaibo) the poignant image of a bloody-nosed, battered Pedro looking through a dirty window
Meche's Milk-Covered Thighs
Ojitos Suckling From Goat
  • the sequence of Pedro wrongfully set up by Jaibo for a theft crime (of a knife) at his job as a blacksmith apprentice; charged with the crime, Pedro was sent to a rehabilitation "farm school" center; during a vicious fist-fight and encounter with Jaibo (after the menacing youth took Pedro's 50 pesos given to him by the principal for an errand to purchase cigarettes), Pedro loudly announced that he had seen Jaibo kill Julian; the revelation was heard by street musician Don Carmelo, who reported it to police; as a result Jaibo tracked down and vengefully killed Pedro (a brief, dark scene)
Jaibo's Murder of Pedro
Pedro's Bloodied Corpse
  • the death of Jaibo - who was killed with two gunshots by the police as he fled from the murder scene - (during his surrealistic death, a mangy stray dog ran toward the camera and was superimposed over his face as he swooned and died)
Pedro's Body in Sack on Donkey, as Pedro's Mother Passed by
Disposal of the Sack Down Garbage-Covered Cliff
  • the graceless disposal of Pedro's body that had been found by Meche and her grandfather - to avoid the police, Pedro's corpse was put in a sack and carried out of town on a donkey, to be dumped down a garbage-covered cliff -- while Pedro's mother passed in the street, ironically not knowing her lost son was dead

Ring-leader El Jaibo with Younger Gang Members

Blind Street Musician Don Carmelo - Bloodied and Beaten

Jaibo Facing Rival Julian

Pedro with Jaibo

Jaibo's Theft of Knife at Blacksmith - Pedro's Place of Work


Death of Jaibo - with Superimposed Stray Dog on His Face


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