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The Outlaw (1943)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Outlaw (1943)

In producer/director Howard Hughes' notorious "adult" sex-western film originally filmed in 1941, and delayed in its general release for many years for its censor-baiting - partially for its revealing publicity shots of the sultry star Jane Russell that were more suggestive than her appearance in the film itself:

  • the western tale featured three well-known historical figures in New Mexico: Sheriff Pat Garrett (Thomas Mitchell), gunslinger-gambler Doc Holliday (Walter Huston), and outlaw Billy the Kid (Jack Buetel), aka William Bonney
Sheriff Pat Garrett (Thomas Mitchell)
Doc Holliday
(Walter Huston)
Billy the Kid
(Jack Buetel)
  • the additional fictional character of statuesque Rio McDonald (Jane Russell), frequently seen with an oft-unbuttoned, low-cut peasant blouse - she was the formidable, sexy Mexican half-breed mistress of Doc Holliday, with her buxom cleavage often displayed to the fullest and greatest effect
  • the early wrestling semi-rape scene in the hay stable between Rio and Billy the Kid when he cautioned her to end her struggling resistance in the dark shadows; she condemned him for murdering her drunken brother and vowed to kill him, and although he admitted the murder in a fight over a woman, he also claimed: "How'd I know he was your brother? It was him or me"; after she unsuccessfully tried to lunge for a pitchfork and spear him with it, he wrestled her down ("Let me go" -- "Hold still lady or you won't have much dress left"), before the scene faded to black
Rio's Semi-Rape Scene With Billy the Kid
Rio Tempted to Stab Unconscious Billy
Rio to Recuperating Billy: "Be careful, your wound. You'll hurt yourself"
  • and later, a wounded and unconscious Billy was brought by Doc to Rio to care for him (she was tempted to stab him with a knife she used to cut off his clothes, but couldn't do it); with her Aunt Guadalupe (Mimi Aguglia) present, Rio made a promise to the unconscious Billy: "You're not gonna die. I'll get you warm" - once Billy began to recover and recuperate a month later, she bent down (in the uncensored version) to caution Billy from getting up: "Be careful, your wound. You'll hurt yourself"
A Closeup of an Impending Kiss Between Billy and Rio
  • as he became stronger, Billy wished to kiss her, but she at first hesitated: "No, no, you'd better not get up until tomorrow...You're not strong enough yet"; he pulled her to himself: "Who says I'm not?!"; she responded as she wrestled with him: "Billy, you mustn't. You'll hurt yourself"; she was tempted to kiss him, although fearful at first: "But you've been so sick. You're not well enough. You're not..." - but then she surrendered to him; there was an incredible zooming full-face (and lips) closeup as she moved closer to kiss him
  • when Doc returned, Rio was forced to admit to him that she had been charmed by the ailing Billy during one of his delirious periods to get married (but he still didn't know he was married to her!): "I'm married to him...That's the truth, Doc. Only please don't tell him.... I never would have done it, only I thought he was gonna die"; to resolve the issue of stealing Doc's girl, Billy offered Doc a choice: Doc's horse Red or Rio - and to Rio's utter surprise, Doc chose the horse ("I'm gonna take the horse"); she asked Billy with amazement: "You're not satisfied?" before Doc and Billy rode off together
  • the confrontational scene later when an angry Billy returned, surprised Rio in her bedroom, and accused her of revealing their route to the Sheriff and of filling their canteens with sand; he sarcastically vowed that he returned because he missed her - it was clearly a love-hate relationship: "The more I thought about seeing you, darling, the easier it got"; she spitefully invited him to proceed: "What are you waiting for, go ahead?" He encouraged her attitude: "Hey, that sounds real nice. I like to hear you ask for it. Keep it up. Beg some more." She questioned: "What would you like me to say?" Billy replied: "Well, you might say please, very sweetly." When she spoke the word "Please," he responded: "Will you keep your eyes open?...Will you look right at me while I do it?" (the scene again faded to black)
  • to retaliate against Rio, Billy left her bound, gagged and strung up by her wrists within sight of a desert waterhole; after she was released by Doc and the Sheriff, Doc realized Billy's infatuation with Rio: "I think he's in love with you....The crazier a man is about a woman, the crazier he thinks and does"
  • there was a frontal close-up view of Rio galloping along on horseback to escape pursuit by Indians on the way to Fort Sumner
Doc Shot Dead by the Sheriff
  • in the concluding sequence, after Doc showed a distinct preference for Billy, Pat reluctantly shot Doc dead; following Doc's burial, Billy was allowed by the Sheriff to ride off; as he departed, Billy looked back at Rio - indicating that she could join him, and she happily jumped onto the back of his horse with him

Rio McDonald (Jane Russell) to Doc, About Her Relationship to Billy: "I'm married to him"

Doc's Choice of Red (His Horse) Rather Than Rio

Billy's Angry Return to Rio

Rio's Resentment at Billy

Rio Strung Up By Her Wrists by Billy

Rio Released by Doc and the Sheriff

Rio Galloping on Horseback on a Race to Fort Sumner

Rio Riding Off with Billy


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