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Police Academy (1984)


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Police Academy (1984)

In director Hugh Wilson's surprise hit police-related comedy - the first in a long series with six sequels - based upon the premise of a new city policy (during a crime wave) announced by the female mayor that any recruit that applied to be a police cadet was accepted (including misfits and losers of all kinds, those physically unfit, or without education, etc.) for 14 weeks of training:

  • the introduction of a prospective 'misfit' held in a police station before being given a deal to be recruited into the Police Academy: petty criminal and troublemaker Carey Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg) met Larvell Jones (Michael Winslow) - who introduced himself as "Doctor Monsignor Larvell Jones M.D."; he showed off his talent by making sound-effects with his mouth; he simulated a machine gun sound inside the police station, causing everyone to duck for cover; Mahoney was told how to avoid jail-time: "Police academy or jail....They can throw you out. But you can't quit. If you quit, you're back in jail. And that's the deal"
  • during a lineup of the cadets applying for the Policy Academy, Mahoney challenged himself to be kicked out ("Time to get thrown out") by pretending to intimidate one of the pretty recruits from behind - Karen Thompson (Kim Cattrall): "What's your name, cadet?...You live around here?...What's your telephone number, Thompson? Come on, eyes front. Telephone number....Okay, let's see the thighs"; he was reprimanded by the academy's strict instructor Lt. Thaddeus Harris (G.W. Bailey): "What's your name, dirtbag?...Get back in line, Mahoney!"; Lt. Harris' main goal was to get the incompetent cadets to quit the force
Mahoney to Thompson: "Let's see the thighs"
Lt. Harris: "Get back in line, Mahoney!"
  • the scene of Cmndt. Eric Lassard (George Gaynes) addressing the recruits ("Some of you will be... Here at the academy... Here at the academy...You will learn, you will learn..."), when a dog named Princess began to hump his leg and he quipped: "Princess? Looks more like a prince to me"; Lt. Harris grabbed the dog away from its owner: "He's a queer!"
  • the various pranks played upon Lieutenant Harris by Mahoney, including putting brown shoe polish on the mouthpiece of his megaphone that he used during the cadets' obstacle-course training, and the embarrassing scene of Harris riding a tricked out motorcycle, and being propelled into the back end of a horse (off-screen) in a trailer; Mahoney came upon the scene and yelled out: "Someone call a veterinarian!"; afterwards, although Mahoney promised Lt. Harris he had told no one of the embarrassing incident, all of the cadets were snickering at him, and Larvell made the sound of a horse-neighing
  • the scene of defensive training when busty female blonde Sgt. Debbie Callahan (Leslie Easterbrook) floored one of the recruits and sat on his neck with her thighs, and then asked for the next volunteer: "Who's next?" - and all the other recruits raised their hands
Sgt. Callahan's Defensive Maneuver
"Who's next?"
  • the infamous podium fellatio scene - in which befuddled Cmndt. Lassard delivered a speech to VIP senior dignitaries, while a hooker (appropriately cast porn star Georgina Spelvin) and cadet Carey Mahoney hid inside the podium - during the speech (Lassard: "I think you'll find the presentation interesting as well as very, very stimulating!" - followed by the sound of his zipper being unzipped); Lassard showed facial signs of being pleasured, with contortions, distorted speech, groans and moans: ("Now, this first SLIIIDE shows a very, very interesting thing: our main building. In slide TWO! We see another view of IT! Oh, my God, you wouldn't believe it!")
Podium Fellation Scene
  • when Lassard finished the delivery, he summarized: "Well, I hope this was as much fun for you as it was for me," as he walked away from the podium, Lassard saw Mahoney, not the hooker, emerge from beneath the podium: (Mahoney smiled and delivered the deadpan line: "Good speech")
  • the night before a driving test exam, recruit Cadet Mahoney administered a practice driving lesson-test to giant sized Moses Hightower (Bubba Smith) - late at night, the two stole Cadet Chad Copeland's (Scott Thomson) compact car and ripped out the front seats (to sit in the back), immediately rear-ended another vehicle (Mahoney: "You didn't hit the brake" Hightower: "You didn't tell me to"), and then became involved in a chase with a police cruiser - bringing the car back wrecked, although Hightower's driving skills had improved immensely
  • the concluding rooftop hostage crisis when both Lt. Harris and Mahoney were kidnapped and held at gunpoint by a crazed outlaw; they were saved by the actions of Hightower (who had recently been kicked out of the academy), who appeared in civilian clothes and knocked out the outlaw with a solid punch, and sent him spiraling down a flight of stairs
  • the short sequence when Cmndt. Lassard mistakenly thought two of his graduating cadets were homosexual, when he caught them kissing ("You men stop that!"), but discovered it was Mahoney and Thompson; he then apologized: ("Oh, That's more like it. Good man. Keep up the good work")
Lassard's Revenge on Mahoney
  • in the final scene during the cadets' graduation ceremony (when Mahoney and Hightower were both being commended for bravery), it was revealed that Cmndt. Lassard had hired the prostitute to hide under the podium while Mahoney delivered a speech - to seek revenge against him

Larvell Jones and Carey Mahoney

Ducking for Cover in Police Station

Dog-Humping Cmndt. Lassard's Leg

Obstacle Course Training

Shoe-Polish Ring Around the Lieutenant's Mouth

Firing Range Training

Lt. Harris' Tricked-Out Motorcycle Ride into Backend of Horse - Cadets Snickering at Harris

Two Hostages Held on Rooftop by Gun-wielding Outlaw, Who Was Punched by Hightower

Mahoney and Thompson Kissing - Reprimanded by Lassard: "You men stop that!"


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