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Quixote (1965)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Quixote (1965)

In Bruce Baillie's short 45 minute, avante-garde independent documentary film with images from his 'epic' mid-1960s, one-year cross-country 'quixotic' journey:

  • the opening superimposed title screen - a view of giant, magnified white typewritten letters: Q U I X O T E - (horizontally moving first from right to left, and then back from left to right)
Highway Billboard Signs
Mexican farmhands
HS Basketball Players
  • the assault on the viewer of many, multi-layered and fragmented assortment of juxtaposed images, often super-imposed montages or double-exposures, of people and places, including liberal commentary on racism, inhumanity, oppression, and the Vietnam War, with footage of the legendary civil rights march in Selma, Alabama, accompanied by a jazzy soundtrack with excerpted dialogue
  • the many elements of the film included a quick montage of highway billboard signs, Bulletman, cropdusting, Mexican farmhands, skyscraper construction, cheerleaders and high school basketball players, sheep, horses (and later wild horses), passing desert landscapes, a covered wagon train, a slow-moving tortoise, a tarantula, supermarket and dept. store aisles, circus performers (tightrope walker, juggler, acrobats, clowns, aerialists, a circus parade, etc.) and elephants, an Indian reservation (cliff-dwellings, native dancers, and elderly men smoking), oil drilling and dredging, city dwellers, civil rights march (Selma, AL), unexplained nudity, Wall Street stock market, IBM punch-card, a haircut, glimpses of Vietnam War, Manhattan anti-war demonstration, and much more
  • at about the 12 minute mark, the subtle transition from black and white to color - a dark closeup image of a field hand worker picking leafy green produce in California, accompanied by a slight whistling sound

12 minute mark - B/W to Color

Circus Performer

Native American dancer

Selma Civil Rights March

Brief Glimpse of Nudity


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