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sex, lies, and videotape (1989)


Written by Tim Dirks

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sex, lies, and videotape (1989)

In director Steven Soderbergh's low-budget independent film winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes - without nudity although with considerable discussion of sexual topics:

  • the many videotaped explicit discussions and revelatory intimate confessions filmed by Graham Dalton (James Spader) as a substitute for his own emotion-less, impotent and dispassionate life: ("I'm impotent...I can't get an erection in the presence of another person")
  • his visit to his college buddy-turned-lawyer John Mullany (Peter Gallagher) with a neglected, sexually-repressed and frustrated wife Ann (Andie MacDowell)
  • the revealed infidelity between the womanizing and philandering John and Ann's sexually-adventurous bartender sister Cynthia (Laura San Giacomo)
  • also typical of the film -- the candid reflections of Ann, including her admission: "Anyway, being happy isn't all that great. I mean, the last time I was really happy... I got so fat. I must have put on 25 pounds"


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